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Do you need a consultant or programmer for a realization of a project in your company or show interest to integrate a programmer with long term, practical experience in your team ? The easiest way is to complete the form after the flags and send to us or write an email to , where you please don't forget to advice your company and its address, your contact person including telephone and a short description of the service which has to be done.

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for interesting projects and challenges in the SAP environment inside the modules production and logistics, preferable the producing sector, the industry, the retail and traffic services, a role with a lot of changes, especially for long term contracts, which is not reduced to only a very small part without the opportunity, without to show what is all possible. My offer for a cooperation concerns to companies, which are using SAP or agencies, who are working as head hunters and are offering freelancers to their clients.

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A consultant or developer for your project ?
You are searching a person, able to work under pressure, innovative, flexible, able to travel, with excellent skills, who knows the programming part as well as the hard project field work at the client. Somebody, who offers services in Germany as well as abroad in international business, foreign language acknowledges existing. Somebody, who can operate an analysis, who can create and develop concepts and can show you the ways of solutions. A person, who can fulfil and realize the given tasks and works alone or in a team and who was entrusted with the management of projects. If you search a person like this, please fill the form and send it to us.

Professional background in some words
Born in 1967, after the final examination I was already involved with merchandise economy and logistic courses during the military service. After successfully education to a technical assistent of informatic at the b.i.b. Hannover (educatual center of informatical professions) I began my professional career in 1990 at the mmh Software Ltd as a programmer for the VPSS software product (logistical programming of exportation handling and shipment). This programm is still alive and also on further development. In 1997 I got in contact with SAP R/2 and took root with this program and tecnics including the changes to newer versions, platforms and applications.

Specialization by qualification
The support of the export software package is only part of my activities today. Through targeted, self-initiated qualifications, I broaden my own horizons in order to orient myself to the current requirements of the market and to represent the standard of knowledge desired by the industry, but specialized in the spectrum of warehouse, production, logistics, materials management and the flow of goods. In addition to Internet programming, this also includes the qualification and successful certification for the SAP R/3 software. The scope of knowledge and the spectrum extend today over SAP customizing, ABAP programming, also object-oriented (ABAP OO), reporting, dialog technology, select options as well as dynpro and the container-based display technology via methods, ALV (ABAP List Viewer; display as a list), tree control and structure, product structure browser, text edit control, the complete DDIC (data dictionary, tables, master data, view, structures, fields, domains and their value ranges, foreign keys and relationships), data communication, user exits, badi, the implementation of interfaces, communication, data stream transfers, Soa Manager, files and data (FTP, LSMW, IDoc, ALE, EDI, BAPI) and a few others. In addition to programming knowledge and customer-specific adaptations, function groups are developped and established, which can also be integrated into your SAP system as a standard application, such as a module for interfaces or freight cost calculation (user guide). Some goodies have also emerged, but they have become very complex in the meantime, such as the tool for analyzing pricing and message control, which shows one of the major SAP topics easily and clearly and which greatly simplifies troubleshooting in the master data. In the warehouse module EWM I have even collected some self written documentation, which can be used as a cookbook and training base. My goal is to be a universal consultant and organizer in the SAP, logistics, eCommerce and environment.

The easiest way is to complete out the form or write an email to , in which you please advice your company address, the contact person including telephone and a short description of the desired service would be an advantage. I will then enter in contact with you. Certainly, a personal meeting will be possible as well, if Corona allows this.

Profile, skills, activities, knowledges
To have a better overview of all relevant datas, the qualification profiles are written on extra pages. The selection points are build as links to click on to get the detailed description as well as on left in the select menu. Certainly it is also able to have a view on the complete CV and save it on your computer.