Software for dispatch, export and logistic
Versand- Planung und Steuerungs- System

translation: dispatch planning and processing system

Easy going in forwarding processes
VPSS (dispatch planning and processing system) is a software program, which assists during the working of a delivery note. The software is used in packing and shipment departments to make a easier, faster and secure process of the consignments. Mainly VPSS is put on after the verification of the goods availibility, the delivery note and will accompany the work up to the moment, when the merchandise will leave the factory ground. VPSS is interesting for companies with a high grade in exporting.

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Beginning and other PPS-systems
VPSS is modular structured. Beginning point, where VPSS can be switched in your company, is not fix definated. VPSS communicate by interfaces with other software products like SAP or Baan in your house or even outside. The data supply is variable and depend on the demands of your company. Also VPSS can used as an island solution, as stand alone without any connection to other programs.

short description about the steps

packing of a small piece
Packing and weighing
The data will make available by data transfer on build up manual by hand. If the packing department is already involved in the processment, the packing of the goods is check by the dispatch system too. Special courses and factory-own runs like some delivery note in a parcel, instructions ans so on are possible in realize. At this work station the weights are fetched by a balance, a calculation of the freight charges can the done as well as a pre sorting of the transport companies.

Messages to the shipping department
After the delivery note is weighted at the packing, a message is send to the shipment department. These information, called ready-made message, is the base for invoice writing and generating the shipment of one or several goods.

making a shipment
The choice, which notes can join together to one shipment, take place by configurable moduls which are navigated by internal plausibilities. These are fetching the data out of the pool to show them on a screen to choose the needed ones. During the joining together all datas are additonally checked on customs regulations like compression articles to tariff number. This is important, that the freight will not stopped at the airport or the intrastat report shows a lot of erros and you have to correct and do the work again.

Transport provision of the goods, generate the cargo
In evening one or several shipment will join together to a freight of a special transporter, who fetches the cargo at this moment and bring it to the receiver or distribution center. The cargo list can be checked on completeness and wrong pieces. Also the datas can be send to the forwarding agent, to guarantee a quick and smooth passing-through at the agency itself.

Automatic delivery transaction
It is also possible that during packing pre-shipment can be build, specially to reduce the working stpes in the shipping department. Examples for these kind of goods are deliveries which don't need any further handling, because all data are already completly saved. These are parcels send away by courier (UPS, TNT, ...) or inside the country and no further have to be written. The calculation of the freight charges are switched during the packing to these shipments. To differ from other deliveries, special and own number blocks can be forgiven.

All available and accessable datas in the system (actual and archive) can be used to make a list exploitation.

Structure and hardware platforms
VPSS is offered in several constallations. Please choose the one which is the best for you:
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