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the pied piper city in the River Weser Uplands in Germany

Take a walk inside Hameln, the famous German city of the Pied Piper saga, located at the German Fairy Tale Route in the Weserbergland (River Weser Uplands) in southern Lower Saxony close to Hanover. Enjoy your virtual going around in the Bäckerstraße (Baker Street) and Osterstraße (Easter Street), the main shopping streets in Hameln down town, photos of timbered houses in the Alte and Neue Marktstraße (Old and New Market Street), impressions of the Weser river promenade and the Klüt, the house mountain of Hameln (Hamelin, as it is called in German). Street names, places of interests are given in the original German description for easier orientation when you are visiting Hameln and in brackets the (english translation). Next to the pictures are given some excursion tips and information about the festivals and events, that you get a short overview, which attractions you can discover and experience, when you visit the magnificient touristic region along the Weser river.

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Following on from the picture gallery, there are explanations and requirements. There are also the events, festivals and highlights presented, that take place in and around Hameln. The cities of Hamelin, Bad Pyrmont, Bad Münder and the region of the River Weser Uplands are looking forward to your visit.

>> Many events have been canceled or postponed due to the Corona virus. The respective organizer will provide more information. <<

Mystica Hamelon
As usual on the first weekend in March, the pied piper city of Hamelin tranfers into the Middle Ages. Hameln invites you to the Mystica Hamelon to see, hear and experience a lot and many people will come. The spectacle extends through the entire old town up to the pier of the River Weser ship company. Many music groups present medieval sounds on their stages in the city, many jugglers show their skills, many stands offer their goods for sale. There are also a lot of visitors in medieval dress, similar to how you wear traditional clothes and lederhosen at the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Pied Piper open air play
On the terrace of the Hochzeitshaus (wedding house) in the heart of the city center and pedestrian zone, the traditional Pied Piper open air plays take place every Sunday at noon from mid-May to mid-September. The 15-minute performance is free, free to access and free of any payment. After moving out, the Pied Piper and the actors leave the stage and make a walk through the city.

Rats - the musical
In the same place, on the terrace of the wedding house in the heart of the city center and pedestrian zone, takes place from mid-May to mid-September the Musical Rats, which is performed on Wednesdays at 4.30 p.m.

Wheel rim festival in the Weser valley
At the beginning of June you can show your sporty side. On this car-free adventure day, a Sunday, you can explore the Weser Uplands by bike. The 55-kilometer event route along the Weser river is available for a whole day as a stomping place for young and old cyclists, inliners and pedestrians from near and far. The River Weser cycle path also leads through Hameln.

Wine festival
In mid-July the wine festival takes place, which has developed into a stately size and is now held in the Bürgergarten (Citizen's Garden) with lots of live music and delicious wines. Real winegrowers from the German wine-growing regions of Rheinhessen, Pfalz, Ahr, Franconia, Mosel and Nahe present their wines, which are complemented by Hamelin restaurateurs and wine dealers. Further a French market is presented with cheese, sausage, ham, pies, honey, jam, bread, pastries and olives.

Pavement festival
At the end of August there is the state of emergency in the old town of Hameln. 80 bands heat the visitors with live music on 6 stages and the two DJ areas "Summer Beats Stage" and "Pavement festival Tower" and let the pavement quake. The music is not assigned to a fixed direction, everything is offered from rock to soul and from pop to punk and you can move around the festival area and enjoy music at different stations.

Christmas Market
From the Friday before the 1st Advent until December 30th, except the Christmas days, the Christmas market, one of the most famous and beautiful in Northern Germany, takes place in the middle of the old town around the St. Nicolai church and the Wedding house, whose windows have been transformed into an advent calendar. Artisans, mulled wine stalls, the Christmas bakery, carousels and all kinds of goodies await you as a visitor to the Hameln Christmas market. The Christmas pyramid stands in front of the Dempterhaus (Dempter House) on the Pferdemarkt (Horse Market Square). The Advent fountain with the wooden candles is there as well, although a little bit hidden. The large Christmas fir tree stands in front of the Canon House and the Leist House (museum) in the Easter Street. The ice rink between the St. Nicolai Church and the wedding house ... it depends on the negotiating skills of the organizers whether it is offered.

Hameln's farmer's market
Every Wednesday and Saturday takes place Hameln's farmer's market on the Rathausplatz (Town hall square) from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. next to the Bürgergarten (Citizen's Garden), in the open, at fresh air, even when it rains. Hotel guests at the Hotel Mercure have a short walk. You leave the hotel, keep right and you are there. Many regional merchants, farmers, traders and dealers offer fresh vegetables, fruits and berries of the season, sausages and meats, bread and cakes, sauces and pastes, flowers and other goods. Enjoy your walk on the market and end your round with a cup of coffee, cappuccino or cocoa at Melantes coffee roasters, located directly between fruit and vegetable farmer Kossack, asparagus farm Thiermann and Santangelo - fruits and vegetables from Italy near the entrance to the theatre.

Further information (external redirects)

Did you enjoy our small gallery and would like to find out more about the Pied Piper City or maybe even spend a few days here during your vacation ? Hameln invites you to linger, to discover or for shopping. You can find more information on the official website of the Pied Piper city of Hamelin. In addition to the historic old town, also the Weser river offers a number of attractions. Enjoy a boat trip with the River Weser ship company Flotte Weser (can be brisk Weser or Weser fleet or Weser armada) between Bad Karlshafen and Bremen. Or let yourself float on a raft on the Weser river.

Do you prefer to get on your bike ? The Weser cycle path mostly runs along the river. You like to combine cycling and railway nostalgia ? The River Weser Uplands steam railway company invites you to one of their rides on their charming railway line without regular train traffic Rinteln - Bad Eilsen - Obernkirchen - Stadthagen or on an excursion to a place of touristic interest. In addition to the city of Hameln there are of course other interesting and worth seeing cities in the River Weser Uplands, but also castles, churches and monasteries. These include: Bad Pyrmont, the world-famous spa with park and castle; Bodenwerder, the home of Baron von Munchausen, nicknamed as the tall tale baron or "Baron of Lies"; Rinteln, history and magnificent Weser Renaissance; Hämelschenburg Castle, a completely preserved Weser Renaissance complex on Emmer river, a river that flows at Kirchohsen into the Weser; Fishbeck Abbey, station on the pilgrimage route and many more or simply drive along the German Fairy Tale Route.

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