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Flag of the South Seas island Samoa Samoa Photo gallery of the South Seas state Samoa
Palm trees, white beaches, clear water, South Seas

White beaches, clear water, colorful fishes, South Seas, palm trees, green forests, jungle, waterfalls, the exotic touch, wild growing pineapples, picturesque villages, friendly people, calmness, serenity, no hustle and bustle, this is what Samoa will present to you. The South Seas independent state Samoa, up to 1914 German colony, is located in the south western Pacific, north east of the Fiji Islands or New Zealand. The biggest islands are Savaii (1.708 km ²) and Upolu (1.118 km ²), on which also the capital Apia and the international airport Faleolo (APW) are located.








Our photo walk starts at the Tourist Information Center in Apia. We have a short walk through the government district in Mulivai and pass the Old and New Parliament in Mulinuu as well as the Central Bank, the famous watch tower, both Matafale, and the Aggie Grey's hotel in Matautu. If you are lucky you can watch a cruise ship from the beach avenue. On such a day we meet the cruising passengers anywhere and everywhere in the town. Remarkable is the great many of churches on Samoa. After the sightseeing in the city we are strolling to the market hall in Saleufi, maybe buy a pineapple from local cultivation and go to the bus station opposite.

A trip in the traditional Toyota buses should not be missing, the public transport, which radiates a very special atmosphere and in which the journey becomes an experience. Now and then the bus trips are even used for material transport, like a truck, while passengers are on board. By bus we are leaving the city. On the way, we can enjoy the magnificent scenery, on which we have a beautiful view from the Le Mafa Pass. In the green jungle we pass the Falefa, the Papapapaitai and the Sopoaga waterfall. We also visit a pineapple plantation and have a look in Tafatafa for what European subsidies are used. The bus ride finishes at the south east peak of Upulo in Lalomanu, where you can live in a beach fale (beach house) and enjoy the warm waters of the Pacific. Even near the beach, you can already observe the first colorful fishes and this without diving equipment.

Don’t miss to take ferry to go from Mulifanua to Salelologa on the biggest island, on Savai'i. Savaii is even quieter than Upolu, where you can really relax, absolutely no stress, vacation and holidays in its most pleasant way. Unfortunately, the stay in Samoa was too short, so we could not make a round on the island. Air New Zealand came only once a week.

Enjoy this photo gallery, we invite you to fall into dreams for a moment. The photo gallery Samoa contains only pictures of the independent state Samoa, formerly West-Samoa; there are no pictures presented from the eastern islands, US-Samoa.

There has never been a better time to discover why Samoa was recently voted Best Value Destination in the South Pacific. Beside the clear water and the placidness of the people the visitor can live the very special experience unlike any other. Traditionally constructed beach fales truly are one of the South Pacific last hidden gems, usually located right alongside the beach or tropical lagoon. Wake up and enjoy the view to the ocean. Whom does not longing for faraway, when thinking about this moment ? During the day fales are open-air, allowing a cooling sea breeze and offering you uninterrupted views of the beach, the lagoon and the ocean beyond. But you never lack for comfort, as all fales provide a comfortable mattress and mosquito net, and if you prefer you can close the walls by dropping a woven curtain down. After a delicious dinner in the evening listen to the waves when falling asleep to the sound of a lapping lagoon, feel the nature, what can only be described as heaven on earth ! Take the opportunity to really feel at one with nature and be a part of real Samoan village life on your next Samoan holiday!

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