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Frankfurt on Main
the Rhine-Main-Airport, the international hub in Germany

Photos and views of flight operations from Frankfurt on Main Airport, the most important international German hub located between Frankfurt and Rüsselsheim. In addition to some aerial views, this gallery shows pictures of the airlines, from the prop airliner to the wide-body jet, from all continents, which fly to Frankfurt or had it as their destination. Since the oldest pictures date from 1987, some historical jewels can be found in the pictures. You can marvel at planes that are not any longer in scheduled service already for a long time. Where can you still see a flying DC-8 or a Lockheed Tristar today? Not to mention some airlines that have over the intervening years ceased operating and have disappeared from the market, such as the Brazilian companies Vasp or Varig or the legendary Pan Am or TWA (Trans World Airlines). Other airlines are no longer flying independently like United or Continental. Over the years, the design of many airlines has changed, enjoy aircraft in perhaps unusual colors.

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The Rhine-Main Airport, the most frequented, international hub in Germany is located in the southwest of Frankfurt on Main. In addition to the banking metropolis of Frankfurt, there are other major cities in the immediate vicinity of the airport, such as Wiesbaden, Offenbach, Hanau, Darmstadt or Mainz. Due to the extremely good transport connections count Giessen, Aschaffenburg, Mannheim and Ludwigshafen as well to the closer catchment area. Directly northeast of the airport is Frankfurt junction, the freeway junction with the highest traffic density in Germany. The airport is connected to the rail network by two train stations. The suburban railway, called S-Bahn, takes over the distribution from the regional train station in local traffic in the Frankfurt area. Long-distance transport is connected to the German high-speed railway network and has a stop on the Cologne / Bonn - Frankfurt line. From the train station, passengers reach without changing the train with short travel times the Ruhr area (Düsseldorf, Essen, Dortmund, ...), Mannheim, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and further to Freiburg and Basel, or to Würzburg and further to Nuremberg and Munich.

The aircrafts shown in this gallery are sorted according to constructor:
Airbus A300 A310 A319 A320 A321 A330 A340
Antonov 124
ATR 42
BAe One-Eleven 146
Boeing 707 727 737 747 747SP 757 767 777
Boeing (Douglas) DC-8 DC-9 DC-10 MD-11 MD-82 MD-83
De Havilland Dash 8
Fokker 70 100
Ilyushin IL-86
Jakovlev 42
Lockheed L1011 Hercules
Tupolev 134 154

Airports in the galleries
all photos BKK BSB CAI CEB CDG

Pictures of the second most important hub in Germany, the Franz-Josef Strauss airport in the north-east of Munich, are joined in an extra gallery, while another gallery present airports in Europe and the last gallery is set up internationally for other other destinations. Aircraft pictures without a fixed preview are summarized in the variable gallery.

Structure of the galleries
1st The fixed galleries: the control shows all compressed photos in an overview. These photos are fixed in their position, immediately visible, but they need loading time before they are fully loaded and visible on the intended place on the screen.

2nd The variable gallery: almost no loading time. The compressed photos are loading on demand by positioning your mouse over the image number in the overview and the preview is shown together with a short description. By clicking on the image number you get the enlargement as well as all details.

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Some patience, please note
The pictures of the photo gallery are extremely compressed to 165 * 110 pixels, thus very fuzzy, but this is the intention. By clicking the frame you will get the actual size with an image resolution of 2250 * 1500 pixels and the detailed data to the picture. You can click the graphics right away, the second screen will open, but it may be that your Internet browser will load all the photos in the gallery before the single photo is activated in the zoom. Also note that your computer may issue a warning about active elements in the background. Without activation and during charging, the zoom screen remains black, which is not a program error, it is just the background color. Please be patient. How the photo description is structured and which possibilities you have in operating the system, is shortly summarized in the guidance to the photo.

If there is a separate page assigned to the image and not an automated display, the description contains a standard text of the shown image as well as the identification of the airplane(s) (if known). The 3 digit IATA code of the airline was chosen (inclusive link to the homepage of the society, so far available), type of aircraft, airplane registration, in brackets: Airline name written, nationality symbolizes by the flag, within flag the country name itself, behind it possibly the "name of the airplane", if known. Cross references regarding the airline or the type of aircraft are also given, also across the galleries. All data by best conscience however without guarantee on correctness.

Enthusiasts of aviation
Aircraft and planes enthusiasts are welcome to contribute additional data, since the author doesn’t consider himself a professional concerning aircraft types or the history of a machine. Through our link summary you can access to other interesting galleries and presentations on the topic of aviation, airports, airplanes and airlines on the Internet. Webmasters, companies, airlines, airports, landing sites, associations, clubs, also gliders, museums, aeronautics organizations, who like to be linked to our list, we offer the chance to cross reference by exchanging links to your presentation. Would you like to participate ?

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