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Photo gallery of civil aircrafts, cargo and passenger machines. This part contains photos, images and scenic views of aviation operation airports within Europe. To every photo exists a detailled description and data of the plane and the airline. Daily impressions about business on airports, and also already historic scenes and special traffic. All types and manufactors like the Concorde (supersonic aircraft), Tupolev, Antonov and certainly Boeing or Airbus. It is paid attention to show a large and equivalent selection of the companies or airlines as possible, in order to disadvantage nobody, with consideration on qualitative good or interesting pictures. Further explications, why a little bit of patience, link lists and the aircraft types at the end of this site.

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Aerospitale Caravelle
Antonow 124
ATR 72
BAe 1-11 Concorde
Boeing 707 737 757
Boeing (Douglas) DC-9 (MD-82)
Fokker 50 100
Ilyuschin 62
Tupolew 134 154
Be patient and please note
If no gallery appears, please check your browser security risk. All galleries are written in Javascript application and based on picutre libraries, please allow processing of active X-elements. By clicking the compressed images you get the enlargement of the picture including the detailled data. You can immediately click the graphics, the second screen is opening at once, but it may possible, that your internet browser first load all pictures of the gallery before the photo of the enlargement. This screen keeps black, this is not a program error, it is only the background color. Please, a little bit of patience.

Structure of the galleries
1.) Fixed galleries: The control shows compressed photos in an overview. These photos are fixed in their location, immediately visible, but it takes loading time from the server, before the gallery is completly available.

2.) The variable gallery: Almost no loading time. The compressed photos are loading on demand by positioning your mouse over it. All descriptions inside an unique summary, independant of carrier or airport. By clicking on the code you get the enlargement as well as all details.

The description comprises a standard text of the shown image as well as the identification of the airplane(s) (if known). The 3 digit IATA code of the airline was chosen (inclusive link to the homepage of the society , so far available), type of aircraft, airplane registration, in brackets: Airline name written, nationality symbolizes by flag, within flag the country name itself, behind it possibly the "name of the airplane", if known. X-linking relating airline of aircraft type. All specification by best conscience however without guarantee on correctness.

How the photo description is structurated and which possibilities you have in operating the system, are shortly summarized in the assistance to the photo. Organize your screen yourself in using the screen configuration to get your optimal display to navigate and in the organization of the position of photos, summaries and external links.

Enthusiasts of aviation
Aircraft and planes enthusiasts are welcome to contribute additional data, since the author doesn’t consider himself a professional concerning aircraft types or the history of a machine. Through our link summary you can access to other interesting galleries and presentations on the topic of aviation, airports, airplanes and airlines on the Internet. Webmasters, companies, airports, landing sites, associations, clubs, museums, aeronautics organizations, who like to be linked to our list, we offer the chance to cross reference by exchanging links to your presentation. Would you like to participate ?

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