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Japan, the fascinating land of the rising sun in Eastern Asia. Centuries long tradition and modern technology meet here and merge harmoniously into a unique culture. Our Japan photo gallery invites you to a trip into the far distant country in the Pacific Ocean. Be enchanted by the images and impressions of grandiose castles, impressive temples, hidden shrines and five-storey pagodas. Beautiful historic buildings, usually built in a very old way and entirely made of wood, are located close to modern styled skyscrapers, and in rural areas you find in between a tea or rice field. In the streets, you wonít detect so much green, you may feel less green areas, but suddenly you will find yourself in front of elaborately and artful landscaped gardens, which are well-known in the region. Legendary are the Japanese festivals to the Sakura bloom. The Japanese loves and respects nature. Meanwhile there is less green, you will see everywhere flowers, even if it is just in a flower box.

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The photo gallery Japan starts in the southwest of the 4 main islands in Kyushu. From there follow impressions of the biggest island Honshu until the gallery ends in Hokkaido. Pictures from Shikoku are included in the Okayama sector, as from there tourists can use the only railway connection to get to Sakaide via the Seto Bridge. Experience Japan, you will like it. Let yourself be carried away by the pulsating life of the metropolitan cities of Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Okayama, Fukuoka, Sendai or Sapporo. In the bustling metropolitan cities with the glimmering lights of bright commercials, you can see in the midst of rushing businessmen in their suits a single shrill figure or a geisha in her kimono garment. Do not be astonished of the clean streets and squares, nowhere you will detect rubbish and waste around or the newspaper of yesterday flies through the countryside. The rivers are non-toxic and overloaded by chemical pollution, but you can even watch a white heron fishing there. The background image shows the white-heron castle in Himeji, the castle in Japan par excellence. Subsequent the picture gallery some explanations and requirements are following for this gallery page.

Despite the often hectic life, Japan is very polite and respectful as almost anywhere else in the world. As far as possible, the question will be answered; In the shops, the employees always strive for the well-being and the satisfaction of the customer. You wonít be get rid of abruptly by the salesman. And the flower box is still at its place the next morning, the flowers are neither beheaded nor bent, as well the earth is stand in the box and not in the gutter. The allotment gardens arenít protected by nigh and invisible fences. Let yourself be drawn into the spell of Japanese culture, you will find relaxation in one of the numerous hot springs, called onsen, or enjoy the tranquility of the centuries-long treasured gardens in the metropolis.

Experience Japan's railway, fast, reliable and absolutely punctual and completely without annoying cell phone conversations. At the platform there are no knots of people, no crowds, no hustling or jostling. Japanese people wait patiently on his train in a queue in their section of an area painted on the ground. However, it can be very full in the trains. While Japanese people use their works in the week to go to work, they use them in the weekend to cowd out of the cities. The sight-seeing points of Kamakura (Greater Tokyo), such as the Daihatsu (Great Buddha) or the Hase-dera Temple, are nothing for people who avoid crowds. Are you hungry ? The guest may also wait in front of the doors of the restaurants. However, there are usually seats as in the waiting room of a surgery. Book your accommodation in hotels in time, especially in touristic areas. In the Golden or Silver Week (bank holidays in Japan) you will have a very poor chance to get a room. Something needs getting use to European eyes is the fact, that Japanese people are going to breakfast in the hotel sleeping suit. Even the sight of a uniformed driver with a peaked cap in the train, a tram, a taxi or a bus seems to be something foreign, especially the white gloves, which the driver wear as well, even the locomotive drivers on steam locomotives. Donít let yourself be confused by the "pointing and speaking", even if it sounds like a military self-talk in the cabin. It is for your own safety.

Take a look at the ground. The Japanese manhole covers are mostly decorated and show a feature or speciality or tourist attraction of the area. Some gullies are even painted in a colorful manner !

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