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Intoxication of the senses: colors, noises and odors

India, when you hear India, what do you think at first? Sure, the Taj Mahal and this building mustnít miss in this gallery. But India is more, in India all your senses are activated. From the very first beginning, the many colors, sounds and odors will stun you. Certainly you will now also notice the very sharp and well-flavored food, where the guiding principle counts, the more tears in the eyes, the merrier the food. India is even more, India offers diversity, India is win over by colors, lust of life, vitality, women in colorful saris, people, religions, landscapes, palaces, maharajas and their maharanis, ubiquitous traffic, chaos, noise, dirt, crush, the behavior, where the most important utility is the horn. If you look at the videos in the video gallery, you must turn up your loudspeaker to full volume ! India is not for the faint of heart, wealth and poverty neighboring together, the climate, tropical heat, but also cold at night, the monsoon. Let yourself be enchanted by the people, their way of life, the many small shops, the bustle on the street, the food and the odors, both positive and negative, which come across you everywhere.

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India is the country that takes your senses to fully attention. Everywhere there is a lot of activity and you can observe unusual scenes. In India normal, in Europe unthinkable. The road traffic and the art of loading enrich with so many facets, that the chip card of your photo equipment is very fast completely used. Like the people, the vehicles are partly very colorful and decorated as well, which partly also has also a spiritual background.

India is so colorful, India is so warm, India is so different, so crazy, you will forget your small and petty worries immediately. The Indian people are very friendly and helpful. Indians are also very curious and havenít any fears to get in contact with you. You are quickly surrounded by a group of curious people who are watching you and your strange behaviour. Just explain them, why you are there and playing with your video camera. Sometimes, however, the Indians do not understand us Europeans or Americans, especially if we reject their help because an European or American canít walk by foot. We could complement each other perfectly, he has the rickshaw, I have the money, walking as relax or pleasure wonít hit the Indian way of thinking. A rickshaw ride is indeed very cheap, but you almost get a bad conscience, when the poor Indian guy has to push fully into the pedals to pull you up the mountain. However, different standards apply to taxis. Take care !

Sometimes the Europeans or the Americans donít understand the Indians. The interested visitor can frown at every building, at every touristic point of interest. The Taj Mahal is the biggest bang. The Indian needs just to pay 20 Rupees (28 Euro-Cents) to visit the probably most important Indian building, while the foreigner has to scrabble deeper in his pockets to get the desired amount. Sure, the foreigner has money, he can even make a trip to India. He has to find 750 Rupees (10,33 Euros) to get the entrance permission for the Taj Mahal, which is really no big difference in charge, isnít it ? Additionally there is a fee for photo cameras in India, some more money for taking video. However, the visitor will receive an identification card and can feel free to photograph and film almost everything that comes to his attention. Divinities and deities are excepted and they are guarded very strictly like in the temple of Ranakpur.

This photo gallery mainly shows pictures from the state of Rajasthan. Immerse yourself in a world full of contrasts, live to see the sumptuous luxury of a past epoch as in a fairy tale of 1001 nights. Visit the pink city of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, known by the Hawa Mahal (Palace of winds), the Maharaja Palace and in the southern courtyard of the palace complex, the Jantar Mantar, the observatory of the town founder and hobby astronomer Jai Singh II. Close to Jaipur, today within the city border, Amber is located with the Prince's Palace Fort Amber, which is easy to reach uphill by elephant. Do not miss to visit the White City or the "Venice of the East" or the "City of Lakes" Udaipur and you have to do a boat trip to have a view on the city from the lakes side. On your to-do-list for Udaipur please notice in advance to visit the Saheliyon Ki Bari (Garden of the Maids).

Let yourself be enchanted by the mysticism of Rajasthan and live with Jaisalmer a very special city that appears like an oasis in the desert of Thar. Look behind the city wall of the "Golden City" and climb the inhabited Jaisalmer Fort located in the heart of the city on a hill. Inside the city walls, there are a lot of sand-colored Haveli, where you can combine an overnight accommodation with a lovely dinner and a grandiose sight over the city. Havelis are merchant houses decorated inside and outside with lush wall paintings. Certainly your guide will take you to a carpet selling shop to see the goods there, even if you donít want it and arenít interested in gifts, presents and souvenirs. But ... sometimes Indians donít understand European or American behavior. In the outback close to Jaisalmer you can enjoy the possibility to participate a camel excursion to the sunset in the desert and spend even a night there.

Just a quick clue: If you are thinking of booking as an individual tourist a Rajasthan round trip and like to discover beside the cities of Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur and others, also Agra with the Taj Mahal, make sure and think of it, Agra is normally not offered in a pure Rajasthan round trip, which is related to the taxes. Agra is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, close to the border, but not in Rajasthan. The same applies to Fatehpur Sikri. At the federal state border, which can be easily recognized by the percussion tree, your individual driver has to stop, leaves the car, goes into the guard house, pays the toll tax and then get the permission to enter the next state.

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