Photo description
structure and operator control
in the version since Apr, 15 2000


Short photo description, 10.000 byte
Memory size of the picture, so that you have an imagination, how long the system may need to load the image. Broadsheet fotos are generally aligned on 98% of the window size of your navigator, the base size is 1024*768 bytes. Upright photos are represented in 1:1, that the reason why scrolling is also acceptable under Microsoft Explorer. With Netscape generally well.

Germany Country and place of photography, date of photography (in the US writting way) assistance for the photo description
(the country, here Germany, is always symbolized by the flag, countries name inside the image text)
Description of the photo. Registrations of airplanes or railways are emphasized by different colour, and if available an already used link or a link, which is not executed up to now, to the shown society. Names and building designations are represented in the original language (in italic the translation therefore).

To some photos exists additionally a supplementary text for the object of the photo, there notes, background information, structural or conditioned modifications are described. This could be e.g. temporal exhibitions, history of buildings or closing of (railway) lines or airline services, constructional alterations, so that the photo has a historical touch.

Row: X Column: Y (position: Z) neighbour photo above
Back to the main menue or  menue level above neighbour photo to the left  where ?  neighbour photo to the right
bjh195.htm © BJH Software neighbour photo below  

These part of the navigation as well as the place of photography and the image itself are build up automatically since version 02.00 date based May, 28 2001 by javascript and a general data library.
Arrow keys
For positioning inside the fotos the actual position is indicated, how it is declarated in the table level above (here X,Y) and since version 02.00 inside the library (here Z); below (in dark violet) an internal identifier of the original slide bjh195.htm, and by whom is was given (copyright-owner, see also copyright). These number is also corresponding to the objects as well as the HTML document designation.

For positioning serve the simple arrow keys. arrow key for positioning The point to the neighbour photos of the actual one. In the text of the arrow the internal number is deposited as well as a short descriptional text. The cursor positioning within the pictures corresponds to the table, whereby however e.g. at the end of a table row next to the right is not the beginning of the row, it is the beginning of the left picture a row below. Thus you run also in a circle in the whole table, but you pass all pictures without going back on main gallery. This method was selected, to avoid the loading of the compressed pictures, because in despite of compressed files loading up of so many objects take longer time.

The double arrow key double arrow key represents the return branch to gallery level above. Thereby it is positioned to the aera / subdivision to which the actual photo is counted.

quick assistance
The buttom assistance offers again within each picture the possibility that you can branch into this description of assistance, in order to inform about the operator control. A separate screen will opened, which remains activated in the background until you close it again by Windows application.
Please note: The loading of the homepage e.g. of an airlines takes place within this screen. As long as the window is opened, you have to click it over your menu border to use it again. This applies also after updating.

All photos, texts and diagrams are subject to copyright, and may not be re-used without permission of the author for no other purposes, privately or commercially, also not partly, as far as it is not differently note.

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