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To some photos in the photo galleries, there is next to the picture a suitable video sequence online, which was filmed at the same time, while the photo was shot with the camera. Due to the fact that screen conflicts avoid a separate display in the photo galleries and the interested user would have to walk picture by picture in single step mode, this page was created. The corresponding video to the photo page allows you to view all available videos that are linked to the images. For additional convenience to find quickly and efficiently the videos of your interest, you can select sub-ranges and the result can be sorted. Please note that after submitting your selection the page will be rebuilt, the video gallery is located below the selection screen. You may need to scroll down.

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To watch the videos, you can choose between 2 options. The photo in the left screen area can be started directly as embedded video sequence. The inline video window depends on the available screen width. The second option would be external. Please click on the picture number in the right under the date. A separate screen will open where the video will be played. The system automatically jumps into the play mode. In this variant, the focus is placed on the video screen and you have all the Youtube functionalities such as to subscribe the channel. No separate tab will open. With this method, you will, of course, keep the initial situation and the summary, and you can simply switch between the two screens.

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