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SAP R/3 ABAP and COBOL project summary, aktivities
Summary of all projects, their tops and highlights, joined as overview over all active parts of my professional IT career. Focus with a lot of experiences in the industry, in which branch or industry sector the project was done, are also shortly mentioned. The programming demands and requests were realized based on an analysis, required book, discussions or conferences, or by experiences or on own responsibility. Development and implementation under the aspect of the integration in already existing systems and structures. Please take care that projects can overlap or coincide or even are not finished yet, because they are still in developing and maintenancing (open end). Installationes, Consulting, daily business, form and file design, program revisions are still going at same time but not mentioned extra.

Note to SAP programmers and developers and collegues of mine
If you as my visitor are on search of solution suggestions, algorithms, operations and hints for function groups and have reached my internet domain, because your search word is term inside this project overview site, I asked you to click the link to my SAP library where I have publicated some data models, programming assistance and ABAP examples. Unfortunately actual only all in german !!!

SAP (air) - EWM Post goods receipt, handle inbound delivery
Duration 10/2019 - 04/2020
Sector Aviation and space
Function Programming, developing, conception, ABAP, ABAP OO
SAP modulesEWM, QIE, QM, WM
EWM - Goods receipt and further actions
  • Overview of the compartment boxes and material of an inbound delivery in Html
  • Status as corresponding color of the compartment box inside a tray
  • Overview of all status of the boxes inside the HU as Abap List Viewer
  • Registered events in html screen, inside ALV and in the detail dynpro screen
  • Post goods receipt … to a packed real active HU !
  • If necessary, split position of the inbound delivery order
  • Create and store batches and assign and update them in the inbound delivery
  • Serial number maintenance and saving inside inbound delivery
  • Set user status and alternative HU-number to the clicked HU (= tray)
  • Quality inspection lots, execute stock transfer of the related HU
  • Analysis, conception, development, programming and implementation of 29 single steps
EWM / QM / QIE - ICC Inspection Control Cockpit
  • Status processing of a HU, several user status are therefore in service
  • Display and selection per html, ALV and in detail screen (see goods receipt logic)
  • Actions per selection, push buttons; display and action depending status
  • Turn to warehouse management monitor to have an overview about work load
  • Create warehouse task to work center (inbound section) of the user
EWM / WM - Migration and store material
  • Give off system WM, receiving system EWM
  • Process by relocation order, outbound in WM and inbound delivery in EWM
  • Possibility of migration: bin to bin with / without confirmation
  • Pass through and confirm if layout-Oriented Storage Control is active
  • Migration by manual posting of goods receipt, create HU and assign to delivery
SAP (daw) - EWM assistance and support in development and programming
Duration 11/2018 - 01/2020
Sector Textile, consumption, automotive
Function Programming, developing. conception, ABAP, ABAP OO
SAP moduleseWM
PlatformSCMEWM 940
EWM - Inspection delay in follow up actions
  • Pack inbound delivery and book goods receipt
  • Create product warehouse tasks, the inspection can be handled in ERP
  • Change HU type from full pallet auf partial pallet
  • Pass open warehouse tasks when sending qrfc and don’t cancel them
  • If the open warehouse task is confirmed, book to available stock
  • Customizing follow up actions for stockpiling to do by Badi
  • Adjust Badi actions in case of receiving inspection and when confirming of a WT
EWM - assign price categories to warehouse tasks and deliveries
  • Ddic: Creation of new domains, data elements and a database table
  • Extension of eew structures for deliveries, warehouse tasks and handling unit structures
  • Determination of a price category for the work of a service provider in the warehouse
  • Create and setup of a matrix table with 15 attributes and generally 2 characteristics
  • Record all hits, the first will take over as it means highest priority
  • Counting of the price categories and record them in deliveries during goods issue posting
  • Implementation and programming of several Badis at different places in coding
  • Later on saving of the delivery by queue and function
EWM - warehouse task: special process-indicator
  • in case of detection of a special warehouse task constellation
  • Programming: immediate confirmation of this warehouse task and create a new one
EWM - warehouse task: capacity check on fix bins
  • Read minimum, maximum and minimum replenishment quantity values from material master
  • Get open warehouse tasks, which slip into the stock calculation
  • Calculation of the maximum quantity of a storage bin
  • Check against the warehouse task, which the HU can be still put on this location
EWM - Adapt quantity relating to the sales unit in outbound deliveries
  • adaption of the quantity at the creation of an outbound delivery order
  • Setup of a ppf (Post Processing Framework) action relating to delivery application
  • Programming of the classes in the Badis for conditions and execution
  • Get the material measure unit and calculate a multiple of the desired quantity
  • Disqualify offcut by using process code on position level
EWM - Monitor new nodes for the outbound delivery orders
  • Customizing profile, nodes, tree node structure of the monitor
  • Define key performance indicators (KPI data)
  • Programming of the functions of the selection and data collection
  • Special routines for additional selection criteria, which will reduce the selected set
  • The display and the structures / table types in the monitor correspond to the standard
EWM - Monitor add new methods to a node
  • Customizing object classes, define methods, adaption of the monitor screens
  • Programming of called functions
  • Yard-Management: assign vehicle and its transport units to a door in the yard
  • Create yard warehouse tasks to the door for the vehicle and its transport units
EWM - Pack specification: migration and Badi
  • Data transfer of pack specifications from ERP to EWM
  • Programming special attributes by new classes, which aren’t mapped by SAP standard
  • Enhancement of the pack specification structure by new fields
  • Badi before determination: fill up new fields with values
EWM - EGF monitor - Easy Graphics Framework
  • Customizing chart types, functions, objects and cockpits of the loading monitor
  • Design of the charts, layout and the graphical elements
  • Programming of getting data and preparation of the attributes of the elements
  • Additional functions by context menus and drill down options (double click in an element)
EWM / MM / LE - RF dialogue, create a relocation order by scanner
  • Customizing radio frequency (RF) framework logic transactions and functions
  • Assignment of the single steps in the transaction
  • Assign the function inside the transaction to build the application
  • Design the screens of the transaction and program the flow logic
  • Class to check and for collection of the HU scanned by the user
  • Data entry of the plant and storage location, get data like company code and currency
  • Create the relocation order by BAPI_PO_CREATE1 based on the HU positions
  • Create a delivery by BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_STO
  • Batch required: split positions by BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE
  • Implement Badi to add customer specific values in the append structure of the delivery
SAP (att) SCM 7.0 - eWM going live in a distribution center (Vienna)
Duration 04/2018 - 10/2018
Sector Textile, consumption, retail
Function Programming, developing, reporting, ABAP, ABAP OO
Forms Smartforms, form design
SAP modulesEWM / MFS
PlatformSAP SCM 7.0 EHP3 (Enhancement Pack 3)
EWM / MFS - CCC Conveyer Control Cockpit
  • ALV for situation overview over the communication points of the conveyer
  • ALV as salv class with history / stack and color exposure of cells
  • Determine the storage bins assigned to the communication points
  • Determine the last HU warehouse task to the storage bins
  • Status and sum of the HUs, inbound or at bin, check against threshold parameter
  • Number of logged in user at the activity areas, calculate total status
  • If result is critical, related to user, or sleeper HUs, highlight these cells in colors
  • Click to call transactions like packing, storage bin, inbound or outbound delivery
EWM - Print delivery notes
  • Print trigger by ppf, programming of the execution method
  • Design and create print form in Smartforms
  • Development function and stand-alone program (for test and debug) for the print
  • Logic and contents of internal variables by comprehensive initialization in smartforms
  • Supply routine ean codes for a material, local by specification, local or global
EWM - Connection parcel service by web service
  • Build SAP variables, structures, tables and methods based on a given xml structure
  • Establish interface by Soamanager (interface, attributes, parameters)
  • Conception, development and programming of data communication with using with web service
  • Based on a HU, collect and prepare data of this HU (outbound delivery, partner, esi data, …)
  • Protocol about action, return values, errors and hints relating the data transfer
  • Receive, execute and save returned data
  • Build and prepare Zebra printer label and store the print in the spool
EWM - Pallet creation
  • Start point: can be storage bin, delivery or transport unit
  • Create pallets, amount is a field on the selection screen
  • Sum up the HU volume, calculate arithmetic average as upper limit for one pallet
  • Load all HUs of the starting point on the pallets
EWM - Compartment boxes in picking HU
  • Determination of the warehouse process type based on volume and quantity of item of a delivery
  • Determine consolidation group, scales are maintained in a parameter table
  • Cartonization planning: Assign the picking HUs to the delivery
  • Small deliveries are combined, join one picking HU and use the compartments
EWM - ppf actions evaluation and execution
  • Programming of the start conditions and execution for different ppf actions
  • ESI data preparation and processing, build and save data in a super class
  • The different carrier are using subclasses to handle special treatments and actions
  • Conditions and condition tables
  • Bypass-program to ensure a mfs test, mfs emulation is therefore not necessary
SAP (snu) ECC 6.0 – Change Request and project business
Duration 06/2017 - 03/2018
Sector Automotive
Function Development, programming ABAP OO, debugging, correction
SAP modulesSD, LE, MM, EWM
PlatformEHP8 ERP 6.0, Fiori for S4Hana 1511, SCM 7.0
SD / LE - Quantities and date check on difference
  • Check of difference at quantities and dates when goods issue
  • Super class and sub classes for local adaptions in program logic
  • Collect data from transports, deliveries, sales orders, partner and customs own tables
  • Matrix of processing with ongoing status for internal control and traceability
  • Output as email based on sales organization SO10 texts
SD / EWM - LKA-Key in shipping documents
  • Administration program of the LKA Keys and their characteristics
  • LKA-Key links to a SO10 text based on customer, material, shipping point
  • Navigation by splitting ALV (salv with history and stack processing)
  • User Exit VA02 (sales order), determination of the LKA-key and store in extra vbak / vbap field
EWM - mobile packing, confirm warehouse task
  • Enter HU in a selection screen
  • Plausibility check if HU is in general permitted for processing
  • Display values related to the handling unit (HU)
  • Examine references like documents in HU items and the partners
  • Confirm open warehouse task of the HU
EWM - Stock removal strategy
  • User Exit warehouse task and available quants are given by calling routine
  • Customizing table defines storage types, which are allowed for this specific strategy
  • The requested quantity must be covered completely by the available HUs
  • No picking, no batch mix are allowed, take the complete content of material of one or several HUs
  • Recursive quantity calculation, which HUs are relevant and send back these quants
EWM - HU Monitor
  • Listing of all HU inside a selection range by ALV (salv Version)
  • Examination documents to the HU as an own instance per Document and hold available
  • Mix data from the documents with the HUs in the display
SAP (epp) ECC 6.8 – Versions-Upgrade und Umstellung auf Hana
Duration 01/2017 – 05/2017
Sector Pharmacy
Function Development, programming ABAP OO, Spau comparison
SAP modulesSD, MM, WM
PlatformHana database
SD / MM / WM - Upgrade and transfer on Hana, program adaption
  • SAP version upgrade from ECC 6.0 to ECC 6.8
  • Spau comparison and analysis, correction and adaption of the assigned programs
  • Changing of database access logic in the course of change from Oracle to Hana
SD / MM - Universal and dynamic mass upload
  • Several transactions, different selection screen, lot of functions, one program
  • Display and selection by ALV Salv-Version, get factory method
  • Class model with super and sub classes, Master-Alv and lower level feeder routines
  • Dynamic design by using assign and pointer logics
  • Update of master data in SD and MM (material, purchasing info records, …)
SAP (bmw) 7.02 – EWM / MFS, ATS Project, development AKL and HRL
Duration 10/2016 – 12/2016
Sector Sector Automotive
Function Development, ABAP OO software engineer, debugging, correction, analysis and conception
SAP moduleseWM, MFS
PlatformSCMeWM release 7.02
EWM / MFS - Telegram inbound processing, send an Idoc
  • Examination the telegram for the high rack warehouse and processing of received data
  • Mapping of EWM warehouse number to ERP warehouse number
  • Determine data for the HU, the identification (Reference to ERP) und warehouse-task
  • Reference from a HU to the warehouse tasks, the wave and the deliveries
  • Fill the necessary IDOC segments, several positions, each position contains one HU
  • Send the prepared Idoc
EWM / MFS - Event-Trigger KPI (Key Performance Indicator) IGZ
  • Defect-Handling, Debugging, Bugfixing, process analysis and sequence
  • Trigger KPI-events by telegram at a defined communication point
  • Program logic implemented by Badi (Business-Add-in) in the class relating to MFS-action
  • Impulse for the events are triggered by KPI-configuration database table
  • Correction of F4-Search assistance in eWM monitor for KPI reports
  • Functions for flowmeter, response time, average inventory, crane workload, wrong way driver ... further
EWM / MFS - Departure loaded racks
  • Get the type and the programable logic controller by using the communication point
  • Determine by plc control and MFS-action the executing sub-class
  • Process telegram, save HU-Ident and communication point
  • Delete further telegrams for the same HU out of the inbound queue
  • Check the sequence of the route train on correct progression
  • First handling unit increases the wave status
  • Inbound strategy pallet storage: calculate capacity (parameter and bin) on storage bins
  • In error case get the next storage bin
SAP (sti) ERP 6.0 – Inventory inbound IDoc (Spain)
Duration 10/2016
Sector Machine building
Function Idoc inbound processing, development, conception
SAP modulesWM
PlatformSAP ECC6.0
WM - Inbound IDoc inventory data
  • Conception getting incoming inventory data
  • Conception pre-running validations and and plausibility
  • Definition segment, basis and message types (customer-own development)
  • Define and publish a function as Idoc input processing routine (BD51)
  • Assignment of the own written function to a message type (WE57)
  • Definition and change of the process code to the self implemented routine (WE42)
SAP (rie) ERP 6.0 – Inbound IDoc in sales & distribution and logistic execution
Duration 08/2016 – 09/2016
Sector Pharma
Function Analysis, conception, Idoc-inbound-processing, development
SAP modulesSD, LE
PlatformSAP ECC6.0
SD, LE - IDoc inbound SHPCON / DELVRY07 delivery
  • Create or change of a delivery
  • Assign and adjust quantities, indicate batches, in necessary batch split, picking
  • Post goods issue of the delivery
  • Validate copy control to determine position type of the delivery
  • Check, if position type is relevant for picking
  • Own programmed function, which check all parameters and handling with batch input
  • Verification of segments, basis and message types (keep those in standard)
  • Define and publish a function as Idoc input processing routine (BD51)
  • Assignment of the own written function to a message type (WE57)
  • Definition and change of the process code to the self implemented routine (WE42)
  • Test scenario: create sales orders and transfer to a delivery
  • Different test cases: with / without batches, split, position type with / without picking
SD - IDoc inbound INVOIC invoice
  • Minimal Segment with just an invoice type and a delivery as reference
  • Own developed function, which fill and call the invoice create function
  • Like the Idoc delivery, adapt, implement and execute own designed Idoc input process
  • Test scenarios: create invoices with references to a delivery
  • Document flow: quantities of the delivery, values and prices of the sales orders
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c (man) – POWER - Process standards in factory compound
Duration 03/2011 – 03/2012 (Nuremberg
  01/2014 – 08/2014 (Salzgitter, Munich, Nürnberg)
  04/2016 – 06/2016 (München, Dachau)
Sector Automotive
Function Programming and development, ABAP, ABAP OO, partly consulting
SAP modulesWM, HU, SD, LE, MM,PP
PlatformSAP R/3 Release 4.6c
SD, LE - Delivery block in the schedules of sales orders
  • Set delivery block based on dangerous goods, material numbers, country of origin
  • Periodic job run to actualize the delivery blocks
  • Evaluate change history: manual changes in the sales orders have priority
  • Overview and summary of blocked sales order, display as ALV
  • Release by a command function inside the ALV and execution by a BAPI function
SAP (fie) ERP 6.0 – Money spinner list (IS Retail)
Duration 02/2016 – 03/2016
Sector retail trade
Function Analysis, improvement potential, administration
SAP modulesSD / MM
PlatformSAP ECC6.0
Industrial solutionIS Retail
Project MM / SD Money spinner list and stock on hand list
  • Analysis and improvement potential concerning the racer list (administration, display, Idoc)
  • Conception ABAP OO, Transfer and adjustment on super classes and subclasses
  • Universal process and sequence racer and stock list (distribution centre) over the same logic
  • Blend of materials, versions, releases, rules, prices, characteristics and features
  • Display and administration by ALV using the GIB-ALV-generator
SAP (jpt) SCM 7.0 - eWM implementation in a distribution center (Japan)
Duration 02/2015 - 12/2015
Sector Textile, consumption, retail (Prefecture Shizuoka, Japan)
Function Programming, developing, voucher label print, ABAP, ABAP OO
SAP modulesEWM
PlatformSAP SCM 7.0 EHP3 (Enhancement Pack 3), Oracle
EWM - PPF actions (Post Processing Framework, actions while saving)
  • Define action profiles and actions to the applications, action definition
  • Customizing and configuration of the different definition and process applications
  • Implementation of pre-checking, start and schedule condition similar to pricing
  • Create a Badi enhancement implementation to the conditions and actions
  • Developing and programming of the method to the interfaces in access
EWM - HU-Management
  • Extended functions to HU-class /scwm/cl_wm_packing
  • Main activities are detailed function in packing / repacking of materials
EWM - Outsourcing Monitor
  • Selection in an ALV-Grid after the desired Set (equates to a BOM list header)
  • Enter of the quantity to sets to be delivered
  • Create of a warehouse request to all materials
  • Waiting up to the moment, until all material has reached the packing zone
  • Check if all warehouse tasks have been confirmed indirect linked to warehouse request
  • Create a HU (handling unit) and put all material inside this
EWM - Label Printing - Interpreter / Syntax validation
  • Established database table, views, maintenance dialogue, change objects, table types
  • Customizing-table contains comparison conditions to a certain field
  • Read the value to be compared und the command lines if comparison is positive
  • Alternatively entry the comparison condition as string
  • Resolution, inspection, validation of the entered values, variables and constants
  • Horizontal comparison by operation sign, vertical comparison by connectors
  • Brackets, nesting and deep leveling possible; use variables in program or object
  • Calculation according mathematical basics and boolean algebra
EWM - Label Printing – design tags and label with Adobe forms
  • Form design of the labels at goods receipt and picking by Adobe, transaction /nsfp
  • Definition and configuration of the interface, import- export-structures and tables
  • Programming of the own needed and used routines in the Adobe form
  • Create layout and font of the individual fields for the printout
  • Feature, speciality: creation of barcode fields
EWM - Interface - Delivery overview file
  • send an Idoc at point of goods issue
  • Read Transport Unit, deliveries, their partner and date values in correct time zone
  • Products and the characteristic values of the assigned material classification
  • fill a flat structure mit the values of all hierarchies and levels
SAP (hen) ERP 6.0 – Scanner-Dialog while allocation delivery
Duration07/2015 – 08/2015
12/2015 – 02/2016
Sector Automotive
Function Analyse, conception, development, programming, ABAP OO
SAP modulesWM
PlatformSAP ECC6.0
WM / SD / LE - Going-Live and Support
  • Activation of the developed scanner dialogues
  • Support, correction, adaption and enhancement of the application
  • Debugging and analysis in process, sequence and course
SAP (chb) ERP 6.0 - Forms of the logistics (Switzerland)
Duration 11/2014 - 02/2015
Sector Automotive (Canton Sankt Gallen, Switzerland)
Function Forms, programming, developing. ABAP, ABAP OO
SAP modulesSD, LE, WM, MM
PlatformSAP ERP 6.0, Hana
SD / LE / MM / WM - Data stream for printing
  • Creation of a data stream for the printout forms of the logistics
  • Forms and documents available in SAP Script and Smartforms
  • Developing, Adaption, Modeling of the print programs
  • Offer, order, invoice, delivery note, label, sticks, etiquettes, good receipt slip, ...
SAP (hel) ERP 6.0 - Going-Live support
Duration 09/2014 - 11/2014
Sector Automotive
Responsibility Programming, developing. ABAP, ABAP OO
SAP modules MM, SD, LE
PlatformSAP ERP 6.0, Oracle
MM / SD / LE - Classification in batches
  • Determine batches, whose material is assigned to a certain classification
  • Check if class, classification, characteristics are all harmonious
  • Read the values to the characteristics and build an internal table
  • Change the value by running the BAPI function BAPI_OBJCL_CHANGE
MM - Read stock and send the data
  • Check authorization, if this plant can be processed by the user
  • Read stock based on the data in the MARD and fill an internal table
  • Send the result as email of file
SD - Evaluate conditions tables and pricing
  • Read customizing for a certain price condition and build a control structure
  • Determine the access sequences and the assigned condition tables
  • Compare condition in the selection screen against pricing construct
  • Keep system completely dynamic by using assign structures, changes, add-ons are possible
  • Create a matrix with the fields of the condition table and the values of the screen
  • Send result data as email
SD - Cockpit for maintenance of customer master texts
  • Evaluate customizing, which texts types are possible for the customer
  • Create matrix with clients in the range of the selection and the possible text types
  • Display as ALV (SALV method) with hierarchy levels for a quick analysis
SAP (hen) ERP 6.0 – Scanner-Dialog while allocation delivery
Duration07/2015 – 08/2015
12/2015 – 02/2016
Sector Automotive
Function Analyse, conception, development, programming, ABAP OO
SAP modulesWM
PlatformSAP ECC6.0
Project WM / SD / LE - Agglomeration and confirmation
  • Scanner dialogue for confirmation of TOs; faced same as transactions LM45 / LM46
  • Collect and allocate a pool of transport orders depending on entry parameters
  • Compress positions of same material, agglomerate the quantities and display just one position
  • Enter the destination storage location and available quantity
  • Confirm pick of transfer order on all summarized positions
  • Check if all positions are pick confirmed, if yes, do confirmation transfer of whole TO
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c (man) – POWER - Process standards in factory compound
Duration 03/2011 – 03/2012 (Nuremberg
  01/2014 – 08/2014 (Salzgitter, Munich, Nürnberg)
  04/2016 – 06/2016 (München, Dachau)
Sector Automotive
Function Programming and development, ABAP, ABAP OO, partly consulting
SAP modulesWM, HU, SD, LE, MM,PP
PlatformSAP R/3 Release 4.6c
WM / SD / LE - RF-Dialog - Multifunctional scanner-Dialogues
  • Scanner-dialogue in storage for all process and actions done by the workers and packers
  • Design as global screen with unique appearance, whereas virtual dynpros navigate the system
  • Administration open TO, classification of the LVS-transport order
  • Stockpiling, removal, relocation, picking, dispatch, shipment, route
  • Confirm TO single or double step, depending customizing and process request
  • Create a TO (transport order) to a shipment, which can be delivered now (stockpiling engine)
  • Determine level of process of a dispatch position with open delivery and its TO
WM - HU-Administration: pack up, unpack, relocate
  • Universal class, which can handle complete work in HU management as separates methods
  • Application Log and error handling for a better check, verification and understanding
  • Methods for pack up, unpack, relocate, material and / or HU, stock-correction, inventory
  • Internal table, which bundle up all actions and process it once in total
  • Handling Unit (packing) actions contain HU-check and if necessary transfer of storage location
  • automatic move and return to / from an interface storage location to process packing action
WM - Compress of LHUs in storage locations of THUs
  • Display in ActiveX-Controls (Splitting Container Dynpro, Tree Control, ALV)
  • Tree Control structure / Explorer: storage unit number (= THU), HU as columns, material
  • Abap Objects: all HU are declared as an instance of a class, their methods serve of handling
  • Three-dimensional matrix as snapshot of leading HU (THU) and its position in the storage
  • Warehouse overview of the Handling units in their storage locations
  • Compress = redistribution of packing and material to reduce quantity of THU in use
WM - Transfer orders and confirmations
  • Automatic confirmation of transport orders, single-and in two-steps
  • Evaluation of customizing and the transport order, reaction on result
  • User exit activates an event triggered job after posting transport order
WM - Idoc – User-Exit during goods receipt
  • Evaluation of an inbound Idoc during goods receipt, read HU of this material document
  • Convert HU of material position into a HU matrix and structure
  • Storage system sends quantity for quality check, spread over HUs and mark them
  • Status: lock or unlock THUs and HUs depending on the quantity distribution
  • set IDOC processing status
WM - Idoc – Forklift-driving job administration – Cockpit
  • Cockpit for creation, recording, changing and administration of driving jobs for forklifts
  • Standard orders, manual, out of manufacture, production, with or without trailer
  • Calculation of acceleration time based on a calendar and maintained times
  • Job for reorganization and clean up on the pool of the driving jobs
  • Job for sending started driving jobs as outbound Idoc 'MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE'
  • Inbound idocs as confirmations of processed driving jobs
  • Creation and build of the Idoc structures and interfaces, idoc-types (WE30), segments (WE31)
  • Logical message types (WE81) as well as their output types and assignments (WE82)
  • Adjustment of the partner profiles inbound and outbound parameters (WE20)
WM - Inventory – HU-Administration
  • Preparation of an inventory sampling, definition of a concept as close as possible to the standard
  • Possibility to perform a LHU-related inventory without winding up the THU
  • Unpack the THU completely and leave it as an empty unit in space
  • Regard LHU like storage units, save the old structure in the shipping group elements
PP - MRP ranges of coverage – matrix resolution
  • Build a time bar based on the customized working days in the factory calendar
  • Select the requirements elements to a material pool and add the daily requirements
  • Determinate the warehouse stock and the rotable float by means of the production orders
  • Compress the result on work places and cost centers, get from the operations of the orders
  • Set up the matrix and calculate the tear-off edge, when requirement is greater than stock
  • Show the result as ALV (SALV methodic) with coloring cells in red at point in time of deficit
SAP ECC 6.0 (bjh) – Stock management – Posting class Z_MIGO_WM
Duration since 03/2011
Sector in-house development for logistic and storage processes, universal applicable
Responsibilityconception, consultant programming, developing ABAP, ABAP OO
SAP modulesWM, HU, MM, SD, LE
PlatformSAP ECC 6.0, SAP R/3 Release 4.6c
WM / HU / MM / SD / LE - Universal class for storage processes
  • internal table, which will be fit up by calling and using programs and applications
  • Line marking to select which positions shall be on work during the method call
  • Transfer posting from / to WM or only MM managed storage locations (goods movement)
  • Creating of TOs relating to material document (comparable LT06)
  • Data completion or position splitting at deliveries (comparable VL02N)
  • Picking, set storage locations in document and goods issue posting at deliveries
  • HU (Handling Unit), create structure relating on deliveries or superior handling unit (THU)
  • complete structure and reflection of the packing hierarchy, multistage
  • Stockpiling, remove, add, relocate, packing of material or handling unit
  • on deliveries, free handling units (HUs) or packed HU in superior HU (THU)
  • Check on interface location and transfer posting, if necessary, additional lock on origin location
  • Confirm TO (transport order) multistage, even if the movement type doesn’t allow this
  • Super class: protocol as application-log (transaction SLG1) in stack methodic
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c (bjh) - Calculation freight costs
Duration since 08/2004
Sector in-house development, every sector can use
Responsibility developer, ABAP programming, implementation
SAP modules SD, LE
Platforms SAP R/3 Release 4.6c
Developing ABAP Editor, reports, transactions: SE11, SE37
SD / LE - Analysis, target - shipping - freight settlement
  • Calculation, SAP Logistic Execution, Migration from the VPSS-program SPE448
  • Extend tables for tariff zones and shipment costs by group key logics
  • better maintenance as result of splitting keys (customizing), zones, taxes, rates and extra charges
  • Rate detection by conditions tecnics (application and condition types)
  • Can be use while writing an invoice from delivers or shipping or simulation
  • evaluate condition, if rates or charge has to calculate or not
SD / LE - development - function group freight costs
  • Analysis, conception, development of the function group as well as test and simulation programs
  • project management and coaching of involved project members
  • separate functions inside the calculation group for the conditions
  • Provision of an environment of test use including customizing
  • Build test scenarios, tables to load as files in excel or txt
  • simulation program for testing the calculation with manual input or datas of invoices
SD / LE - implementation, going-live
  • with key-users of the shipping department: definition and configuration, customizing SD
  • needed condition types and their parameteresm, calculation scheme and pricing
  • embedded of the function group in the pricing of the invoice
  • or stand alone special of statistical runs. work basis for negotiation with shipping agents
  • User guide and documentation in the description of the program
SD / LE - Price difference between carriers
  • Comparison between couriers and carriers on the same relation
  • Comparison between different shipping types (normal shipping or express)
  • Parallel display of the results, useable for statistics and evaluation lists
SAP ECC 6.0 (con) – Stock management – Development and support
Duration 08/2012 – 03/2013
  since 09/2013
Sector automotive supplier
Function consulting and programming, development, correction. ABAP, ABAP OO
SAP modulesWM, EWM, TM
PlatformSAP ECC 6.0
SAP EWM / RF - Scanner-dialogue: set status to a delivery
  • Scan of delivery requests (ODR - documents), repetition possible
  • ABAP-OO methods by using the query instance for data supply
  • Determinate the linked delivery (PDO - documents) by reading the document flow
  • Join additional data like status and vehicle of the delivery
  • Check status against status scheme and processing progress, if delivery relevant for application
  • Alternative for the supervision: display as ALV (version: factory SALV), mark, post
  • History, which requests the user has already processed during this program run
SAP EWM - Stock overview
  • read stock on a location and make it available in internal tables and variables
  • Material stock, material in packing / packages (HU, handling unit), HUs on this storage location
  • Inner and outer HU as matrix indexed by a level indicator
SAP EWM - Inventory
  • Pool of functions and methods for the inventory application
  • Create storage location based inventory by bapi /scwm/bapi_pi_document_create
  • Read inventory by class /scwm/cl_mon_pi, prepare positions in an internal table
  • Display of the selected inventories as ALV (version: factory SALV), mark, count and post
  • Count inventory by function /scwm/pi_call_document_count, multi level and matrix capable
  • Post and close inventory by BAPI /scwm/bapi_pi_document_post
EWM - eLISA – Assistance during roll-out and going-live
  • Generate HU numbers and packing overview on an interface location
  • Calculate trace and tracking number and check digit, depending method of the forwarding agent
EWM / TM - Route monitor
  • Append new, own, client specific fields to route database
  • Adaption of the Badis for master data maintenance and route calculation
WM - Wamos – RF-dialogue, Scanner transactions
  • Warehouse advanced management optimizing system
  • User related queue determination, process and working steps
  • Create of (WM) transport orders and in case of an error try to pass several times
  • Determination of the destination storage bin depending the putaway strategies and own Z-tables
  • Build up a matrix of loading points (storage types bundled), quants, stock and parameters
WM - Customizing - Creation of a shuttle service and its vehicle places
  • Create storage types for the shuttle places as pallet strategy and loading (vehicle) as open storage
  • The storage type are designed with storage unit management and stock movement confirmation
  • Define print control. Assign a form to a print indicator
  • Define putaway strategy based on pallet management and bin sections
  • Adjust matrix of the storage types and storage bin types in relation to storage unit types
WM - Stock inventory on the loading points
  • Storage types are bundled together to loading points (hierarchy between storage number and type)
  • Display of the stock and inventory on the loading points as forerun before delivery of material
  • Display on a splitting screen, custom control, tree control, ALV OO grid version
WM - Cockpit GTTL – material putaway
  • Relocation, goods issue, manufacture creates the base for the warehouse
  • Check and link sending plants and storage locations together with receiving storage locations
  • Check data record on WM managed storage location (source as well as destination) on correctness
  • Batch stock on hand, putaway strategy, stock placement in material master, capacity check
SAP ECC 6.0 (edc) – Stock management – Conception and development
Duration 07/2013 - 08/2013
Sector Media, DVD
Function consulting and conception, programming, developing ABAP, ABAP OO
SAP modulesWM, HU, MM, SD, LE, PP
PlatformSAP ECC 6.0
WM / PP / RF - Scanner: optimization at picking
  • Definition of the guided screen sequences in the different scan processes
  • Scanner-dialogue / radio-Frequency: Scan of a production order
  • Check of the parameter of the production order like the status
  • Search of the transport orders to the handcarts relating to the productions orders
  • Creating of a work pool with the detected transport orders
  • TO confirmation, leave to standard transactions LM03 and LM05
WM / HU / PP - Compression / stock reorganization
  • Stockpiling, equal material or components of a BOM list as close together as possible
  • Removal of material, where its stock indicator does not fit with the stock section
  • All concerned positions are bundled to one removal transport order
WM / HU / PP - Stockpiling by using own strategy
  • Material analysis: when a print product is in access, search and resolve the BOM list
  • Determination of all storage locations of the components including print product
  • Strategy: Search of the most close located storage bin with sufficient capacity
  • Create for this position a TO and take the determined destination storage location
PP / WM - Consumption posting to production orders
  • Scan over all production orders inside the selection parameters in first screen
  • Parameter check of the hit production orders like status check, working places of the operation
  • Check inside the reservations of the components if a print product in part and in access
  • Posting of the consumption of the reservation positions to the printing products
SAP ECC 6.0 (biz) – Stock management – Development and support
Duration 04/2013 - 06/2013
Sector Measure, scale, control engineering
Function consultant programming, developing ABAP, ABAP OO
SAP modulesWM, HU, MM, SD, LE
PlatformSAP ECC 6.0
WM / HU / MM / SD - Stockpiling / stock removal in / from the shipment storage
  • Transfer posting of material by goods movement (MIGO, MB11, MB1B)
  • Create of TOs (transport orders) in WM managed storage locations (LT06)
  • Entry screen of the needed data in open fields in a dynpro with table-control-techniques
  • Cross-check and foreign key validation, error shown as icon and exclude from processing
  • Simulation of test or production run, with real determined data or entered test data
  • Transfer posting class serves for universal use and is not client specific
WM - Queue determination
  • Adjustment Badi Enhancement for the determination of the Queue during creation of a TO
MM - Material master maintenance
  • Offer specific data of several views of material master maintenance in only one screen
  • Posting over function Bapi_material_savedata
SD / HU - Packing station cockpit
  • Enter alternatively a production order, equipment number or material in a loop
  • Creation of an ALV (SALV version) over the selected data records
  • Enter packing data like the dimensions and weight on the screen as part of the cockpit
  • Creation of a HU (packing, Bapi_hu_create) for the selected positions, print the label SAP Script
  • Screen with pushbuttons or function codes for the simple handling of the packers
  • Version as screen or as scanner, system controlled guidance with one open field
SAP ECC 6.0 (con) – Stock management – Development and support
Duration 08/2012 – 03/2013
Sector automotive supplier
Function consulting and programming, development, correction. ABAP, ABAP OO
SAP modulesWM, eWM
PlatformSAP ECC 6.0
WM - Wamos – RF-Dialog, Scanner transactions
  • Warehouse advanced management optimizing system
  • User related queue determination, process and working steps
  • Create of (WM) transport orders and in case of an error try to pass several times
  • Determination of the destination storage bin depending the putaway strategies and own Z-tables
  • Build up a matrix of loading points (storage types bundled), quants, stock and parameters
WM - Stock inventory on the loading points
  • Storage types are bundled together to loading points (hierarchy between storage number and type)
  • Display of the stock and inventory on the loading points as forerun before delivery of material
  • Display on a splitting screen, custom control, tree control, ALV OO grid version
WM - Cockpit GTTL – material putaway
  • Relocation, goods issue, manufacture creates the base for the warehouse
  • Check and link sending plants and storage locations together with receiving storage locations
  • Check data record on WM managed storage location (source as well as destination) on correctness
  • Batch stock on hand, putaway strategy, stock placement in material master, capacity check
eWM - eLISA – Assistance during roll-out and going-live
  • Generate HU numbers and packing overview on an interface location
  • Calculate trace and tracking number and check digit, depending method of the forwarding agent
SAP ECC 6.0 (vah) – form design in dispatch department Smartforms
Duration 06/2012 – 07/2012
Sector Conveyor Technology, electrical engineering
Function Correction and enhancement in the forms, programming
SAP module SD
PlatformSAP ECC 6.0
SD - Stock-taking of the needed forms and data supply
  • Condition techniques (pricing), hide of conditions and its values
  • Calculate control total, group, subtotal and total sums outside pricing scheme
  • Preference, country of origin (producing country) and customs tariff number
  • Determine and list the components of a sales order BOM
  • Request form, order confirmation, invoice, foreign trade
SAP ECC 6.0 (mad) – form design – Smartforms + SAP Script
Duration 04/2012 – 05/2012
Sector automotive supplier
Function analysis, conception form design and control, programming
SAP modulesSD, MM, PP
PlatformSAP ECC 6.0
Industry solutionIS Automotive
SD / MM / PP - Inventory taking of the needed forms
  • Output determination, evaluation of output determination scheme and conditions
  • Customizing dependence: Program to do a repeat print with changed parameters
  • Data equalization and supply of program, background printing programs and variables
  • Issue slips, consignment note, documents in purchase MEDRUCK. forecast schedule VDA4905
  • Include and add of graphics, pictures and images (SE78)
  • Create, change and enlarge von form styles (SE72), paragraphs and character formats
MM - MEDRUCK, programming and developing request
  • Activate user-exit with own project in CMOD, implementation needed include
  • Include program logic on several points, inter-program-references, enhancement points
  • Change history and purchase data of the user over all address database in process
SAP ECC 6.0 (cck) – Migration international (UK)
Duration 11/2010 – 02/2011
Sector electronic industry
Function Migration, Programming, ABAP (classic), ABAP OO (object oriented), Badi
SAP modulesMM, SD, LE, PS, CO
PlatformSAP ERP Central Component ECC 6.0, SAP R/3 Release 4.6c
Industry solutionIS-H, IS-M (Media), IS-OIL, IS-CWM, IS-PS-CA, IS-UT
MM - Badi, purchase order, custom individual tab, fields and process logic
  • Implementation of own classes inside the Badis of the purchase order (SAPLMEPO)
  • Function group with dynpros as additional tabs in purchase orders
  • Parameter table to switch on / switch off of field visibility in dynpros
  • Concept and realization of process logic and comparison operations
MM - Migration of purchasing info records, source lists and quota files
  • Analysis, conception, realization in agreement with the English team
  • General migration programm to post data (no LSMW logic)
  • Read data from different sources, file on server, database, excel file
  • Transfer data in united structure an translate data values from legacy system to SAP
  • Foreign key check of key values of the legacy data during migration
  • Post translated data by Call Transaction, in case of error create of a Batch-Input map
  • Error protocol created into a detailed application log
MM / SD / PS / CO / BC / HR - Evaluations, data selections an list display
  • General data selection for all effect inside a program
  • Join together of several transactions and screen selects over same program
  • Foreign key access on database tables in different modules
  • Display result of found data records by SALV (ABAP OO based ALV-classes and methods)
SD - Set reasons for rejections
  • Post of the order by BAPI
SD / LE - Barcode label for shipment
  • Define label for different carriers on Intermac printer
  • Definition and test of control sequences fort he navigation of the printer
SAP ECC 6.0 (dbn) – PM Plant Maintenance (German rail network, KIB, AAR, PIM)
Duration 03/2010 - 11/2010
Sector Railway, transport, logistic, infrastructure
Function Conception, Programming (ABAP OO, object orientated)
SAP modulesPM, PS, QM, CO
PlatformSAP ERP Central Component ECC 6.0
PM - KIB – Constructional engineer building – Expert opinion
  • Redesign and enhancement for the programmed solution in service
  • Conception of the solution, composition of the technical specification zh90
  • Implementation of new functions and easy user handling
  • Programming by ABAP OO classes and subclasses and local classes
  • Call of additional programs, ALV, reporting and transactions (IQS1, IQS2, ...)
  • Display of the technical equipment (IL03) is handled by an instance to the building and object
PM / QM - Notification (IW23)
  • Adaptation of the user exit of notifications, function group XQQM
  • Customizing notification types and control of new dynpros and tab strips of the screen sectors
  • Programming dynpro, functions and methods as processing unit
  • Value evaluation when enter data and completion check in save routine
  • Due to user and authorization verify fields in mode; display, change, hide
  • Changing of activity type
PM / QM - Form design
  • Form construction and design by Smartforms
  • Join of three separate parts in different forms with different beginning points
  • Data supply routines and various alternative paths and conditions
  • Create a pdf document and assign with to the technical object in access
PM - Flexibility, easy maintenance and clearness
  • All actions are possible to handle inside as standard in a database table
  • Actions like create a notification, validate a condition, overview by level and technical equipment
  • Handle authorization to show fields and value related to the user
  • Automation determination correct type of notification by customer table
  • Conception and realization of shifting hard coded routine into open source (data tables)
  • Get higher clearness and easy handling and easy maintenance by customizing tables
  • Enhancement and enlargement are not needed additional coding
PS / QM - PIM – Planning investing taking measures
  • Assigning of notifications (iw23) and technical objects to the WBS elements (cj20n)
  • Implement customer own enhancements and adaptation of the screen surfaces in zr3n_pim
  • Attributes of the fields to display managed by open customizing table
  • Dynpros with subscreen and Table-Control (tab strips) techniques
  • Validation and display of the classification and their characteristics as well as foreign keys
PM / CO - AAR – Order management – RFC connection
  • ARES – Order calculation redesign and enlargement of the AAR interface
  • Enlargement, completion and enhancement of the user exists while save an order XCO1, XWOC
  • Tab strip and subscreens implemented inside dynpro for customer fields of the iw33
  • Call the calculation, the ratio code numbers and simulation as RFC
  • Data supply and making available by ABAP OO and classes and methods
  • Display of the maintenance orders by ALV-Tree Control and SALV (new ALV technique)
  • Suborders are hang in as nodes due to possible recursive order structure creation
SAP ECC 5.0 (dvr) – PS (Project system)
Duration 10/2009 – 02/2010
Sector aviation, air craft supplier
Function Conception, Programming (ABAP OO, object orientated)
SAP modulesPS, CO, CS, QM, SD, WF
PlatformSAP ERP Central Component 5.0
SAP modulesMill products
PS / CO - Milestones
  • Provision of all data of a project definition, in total or reduced based on request
  • Project definition, projecte, WBS elements, orders, networks, operations, steering types
  • Working places, order relations, predecessors and successors
  • ABAP OO, all data and methods are static and available for anyone
  • Search functions inside a classe, validation of all objects is possible
  • Return values as parameter, so it is a really open system for different applications
  • Error handling while logging as bapireturn, possible to use in calling programs
PS / CO - Milestones, display in bar chart diagram
  • Display the project situation, various and several projects at same time
  • Show result as Bar Control application (Bar Chart)
  • The project type dispose over the colours
  • Include milestone as points in matrix overview
PS / PM - Schedule
  • Rename / redefine milestone in network operation
  • Collect all operation valid or relevant for scheduling
  • Set and determine constraints and planning dates
  • Check on logs and set logs of objects to be scheduled
  • Raise scheduling process by Bapi and additionally Batch-Input (customer solution)
  • Error logging
PS - Matrix, Interpreter function in the mile stone processing
  • variable working process based on a raised event, a raised milestone
  • Milestone (y-axis) has effects on other milestones (x-axis)
  • The combination of the milestones raises program interrogations (z-axis)
  • Program raises a comparison on variables
  • Variables are possible to check from inside or outside, programming based on classes
  • Starting a running sequence
  • Free customizing of the events, the combinations, the actions, the processes
  • Anytime enlargeable without programming inside the matrix
  • Error logging (no handling) on all not running actions or wrong declarations
  • Test any analysis protocol, which allow easy handling in configuration
PS / QM / CS / SD / WF - Enter QM notifications and actions
  • Transactions clm1 / clm2 / clm3
  • Implement customer enhancements and activate user exists (Function XQQM)
  • Enter / complete / display notifications
  • Customizing of the screen sequences relating to the notification types
  • Copy long text and make them available (especially when creation)
  • Evaluate status of the projects, display, set depending to their notifications
  • Search assistance to mile stones as starting event of a QM
  • Create Workflow events, set values and raise the event
SAP ERP 2005 (cdb) – PS / IT (project system)
Duration 07/2009 – 10/2009
Sector Bank, finance
Function Conception, Programming, form design
SAP modulesPS, CO, xRPM, RPM
PlatformSAP ERP 2005, ECC 6.0, Netweaver 2004s
Operating systemSun OS
PS / CO - Project system in the backend
  • Draw up of a conception for all parts and activities in the partial segment of PS-IT
  • Evaluation of projects, mile stones and other dependencies (additional to CJ20N)
  • Analysis of cost centers, settlements and networks in a graphical overview
  • Adaptation and generation of several ALV under use of class and instances of SALV
  • Rfc-function for communication with the netweaver system
  • Verification and adaptation of the Smartforms forms in use
xRPM - Project system in the UI / frontend
  • Workflow programming and workflow conception of methods and classes
  • Booking function to save the projects as well as the customs own tables on the database
  • Determination of user and their authorization objects
  • Show in hierarchies the financial values and groups to the projects and buckets
  • Draw up of a data structure modell of the RPM-database
  • Small activities and adaptation of Webdynpro (for ABAP)
SAP ERP 2005 Allround activities
Duration 08/2007 - 05/2009
Sector construction supplier, sanitary faucets
Function Programming, customizing, form design
SAP modulesSD, LE, PP, MM
PlatformSAP ERP 2005, ECC 6.0
MM - Supplier evaluation
  • Evaluation of orders, their schedules to the delivered quantities and dates
  • Relocate, split and share quantities positions, show result in ALV display
MM / SD - Stock transfer, inter company billing
  • Customizing supply relationship delivering plant receiving plant
  • Stock transfer across company and within same company
  • Organization units per plant, definition and adaptation for EDI interface
  • Account number assignment for trading goods and services, transaction obcb
  • Tax specification and allocation of external tax codes obcd
  • Analysis program with node technology to check and detect missing parameters
  • Plants, company codes, order types, suppliers, billing types, customer data, partners, Idoc
SD / LE - Spiking - Set reason for rejection
  • Extend user exit, whichs set the rejection code in case of an unexpected peak in the order quantity
  • Pass again user exit availibility and scheduling and set the new calculated schedule dates
  • Comparison desired date, scheduled date and calculated date ( SD_SCHEDULING )
  • Data Dictionary, own fields, structures and tables for the validation of the quantity
  • Fill up the client own database by loading an excel table ans selection possibility by dynpro
  • Display program to show the setted reject reasons in the layout of an ALV list
SD / LE - Exportation list
  • Selection over orders, which are on hold and wait to be released in the export (bank credit L/C)
  • Determination of partners, document flow, deliveries, invoices and transports, texts
  • Calculate of the desired, delivered, invoices and open quantity and values
  • Fill up a structure and show the result of this list as ALV
SD - Customizing Rollout Asia
  • Base customizing SD Organization units, distribution channels and divisions
  • Sales offices, sales groups, definitions and allocation, reference of same procedures
  • Pricing, calculation schemes for evry new sales organization, rebate processing
  • Tax determination India: Tax flag in material and customer master data ovk1 ovk3 ovk4
SD - IDoc Change request
  • Adjustment EDI sending program for IDoc segment ORDRSP
  • Comparison incoming IDoc ORDERS against the outgoing data
  • Protocol of the changes as header text with own code included at the end of the routine
  • Read and use of syntax rules for IDocs to include the protocol at the exact position
SD - Invoice forms
  • Form design, SAP Script programming, configuration and adaptation of printer forms
  • Conception and realization transfer of additional routines from form to sourcing program
  • Adaptation of the forms and its processing programs to print the right text
  • Simplification text access sequence, L/C, foreign trade, customs, sales organizations
  • Copy control in SAP Script forms for a logic to print multiple times
PP - Create revision level to the material
  • Start program by enter change number and document types
  • Find and filter all document objects for the material and BOM lists
  • Increase revision level for the marked entries in the ALV list according to the revision strategy
PP - Attach revision level to the material
  • Enter by change number and document types
  • Filter all document objects of the materials and BOM lists
  • Increase revision level sstand due to the revision strategy fort he marked records inside ALV
PP - Dispositive synchronization
  • Accumulation od requirements deom purchase and planning orders and requisitions
  • Add good receipt from production, planning and purchase orders
  • Determine valuated unrestricted use stock
  • decrease the available stock by deliveries inside the firming horizon
  • Changing requisition and purchase order by Bapi
PP - BOM lists; weight calculation
  • Dissolve BOM lists recursive and prepare into a tree control with node technique
  • In the right screen section dynpro with table-control to change field values and flags
  • Save changed material by trepassing function MATERIAL_MAINTAIN_DARK
  • Display as tree control with nodes and in the right clicked BOM list (similar CS03)
PP - Material Volume and weight
  • Maintain weight and volume in the material master data by MATERIAL_MAINTAIN_DARK
  • Values are get over the classification of the document assigned to the material
PP - Change number and object links, classification
  • Get to a change number all assigned objects as well as ist classification
  • Get to the classification all assigned classes (of the change document) and ist characteristics
  • BOM resolution, multilevel, of all materials and BOM assigned as object
  • Symbols of the BOM list positions based to the position type, especially exchanged parts
  • Display screen as splitting container dynpro
  • Result left screen as tree control with node technics (ABAP OO Programmierung)
  • Result to choose between PSB (product structure browser, Tree-Alv) similar to CC04
  • Screen part on the right in Excel as DOI (Desktop Office Integration)
  • Inking of the cells in excel, where the positions of the BOM list have been exchanged
  • The Excel-list is a reproduction of the the tree, only expanded nodes are displayed
SAP R/3 4.6b Form and documents (SAP Script)
Duration 11/2007 - 01/2008
Sector Mechanical engineering
Function Form analysis, programming, third level support (ticket handling)
SAP modulesMM, SD, PP, WM
PlatformSAP R/3 Release 4.6b auf SunOS, Oracle database
SD - Forms in sales and distribution
  • Analysis and correction in orders, order confirmations, offers and delivery notes
  • SAP-Script form maintenance in up to 5 languages
  • Adaption of the calling print programs and programming of the SAP script forms
  • Create text includes and maintain them also in up to 5 languages
MM - Scheduling agreements
  • Correction of errors in the forms and its printing routines
PP - Advice note
  • Correction of errors in the forms, which include barcode as well
  • Redesign of the forms, its windows, window pages, paragraph and character formats
  • Opk8 analysis, which programs and forms are required and needed, CO04 for testing
WM - Ongoing delivery document
  • Adaption print program, that in the label the alternative unit of measurement is printed
SAP R/3 4.7 and ECC 6.0 Material management and documents
Duration 09/2007 - 11/2007
Sector Power and automation technology
Function Programming, Third level support, form analysis
SAP modulesMM, SD, WM
PlatformSAP R/3 Release 4.7 on AIX, Oracle database
MM - Mass assignment documents to materials
  • ALV Grid with additional function keys to start the assignment
  • BAPI-calls to change the material master as well as the object links in the document
SD / MM / WM - Support after going live, error analysis and correction
  • Ticket handling of announced errors from the operating departments, analysis and correction
  • Form programming and design in Smartforms and SAP Script and its calling programs, debug mode
  • Purchasing, orders, order confirmation, invoices, delivery notes, commission notes
  • configurable material, specification and characteristics
  • Customizing and control program (tree control) for output determination inside the logistic
SAP R/3 4.6B, 4.7 and ERP 2005 - migration in material management
Duration 10/2006 - 10/2007
sector consumption
Function Programming, developing, conception
Platforms SAP R/3 Release 4.6 b on AIX
SAP R/3 Release 4.7, version 6.20 on AIX
SAP ERP 2005 ECC 6.0 on AIX
PLM - EH&S Comparison of the specification
  • Read the specification and their values in the EHS
  • Check if phrases are in use. These values have priority
  • Comparison of the values, which are stored in the material master data
MM / PP - Materials, BOM lists and batches
  • Action is prerunner for reorganization and deletion flag setting on materials
  • Search materials as component or master material in BOM lists
  • Calculate validation (to-date) of the component and look for the successor
  • Recursive loop to detect the original or top BOM list
MM / SCM - Release strategies in requisitions and purchase orders
  • Run control and analysis for the customizing-transactions OMGQ and CL20N
  • Get release strategies, release codes as well as characteristics and values
  • Comparison and check against requisitions and / or purchase orders
  • Show the result in dialogue programming as ALV, dynpro, reporting and as download
  • or in Windows Explorer navigation as tree control structure with node techniques
  • Upload of the classification to change the release strategy
MM / SCM - Vendor master - modification customizing
  • Customizing Logistic general, business partner, vendor
  • Enlargement of views for additional fields in the vendor master table
  • Programming of an implementation in Badi VENDOR_ADD_DATA (se18, se19, se24)
MM / SCM - Purchasing, requisitions, user exists and reports
  • Preparation portation programs on ERP
  • Change the user exits and modifications on BAdIs
  • Release strategies in purchase orders and requisitions
  • Get customizing, classification and values for comparison, several levels
  • Show result in dynpro container with tree control and ALV techniques
MM / SCM / PP - Reporting: Analysis, program check, test, unicode
  • Check programs on still running, are programs unicode conform ?
  • Databases: Material master, on plant level, storage locations, validation
  • Batches, batch management, material documents, client assignment stock
  • Search goods receipts / goods issues for materials and validate them
  • List slow moving material: Display ALV list with the result
  • or display as reporting list
  • Data contain the validation as well as configuration data (classes)
MM / SCM - compare purchase texts of materials
  • Read and compare long texts (purchase texts) in 2 given languages
  • The text of the source language shall be copied on request in the text of the target language
  • List display in the reporting with tick box possibility to save this text
  • Interaction of the functions in the GUI-status corresponding the activity mode
COBOL - development of the dispatch and logistic system VPSS
Duration since 08/1990
sector mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, automobile, medicine, ...
  • programming of the whole software
  • Customizing belonging to clients wishes and desires
  • from the analysis to the roll-out, trainee of the employees
  • interfaces to SAP, Baan, forwarding agencies, public authorities
platforms UNIX (incl. derivatives), Windows environments
SAP ERP Central Component 5.0 - Label printing
Duration 08/2007 - 09/2007
Sector Medical equipment
Function Programming, Form design
SAP ModulesPP, MM
PlatformSAP ERP Central Component 5.0
BC - Graphic administration
  • Administration of versions of graphics, which are the background in labels
  • Overview inside a splitting container, left tree Control and node technology
  • Symbolic for the actual version, expired or prospective versions
  • Right screen list preparation as ALV (OO-version)
  • or display of the image in original size or adjusted to the screen size
  • Import of new graphics, visible in SE78, automatic generation of the pictures name
PP / MM - Label printing
  • Function group for the data supply and the print starting
  • Conception, modelling and design of the labels in Smartforms
  • Print program for printing the labels as well as check routine printing by rsnast00
MM - Output determination inventory management
  • Customizing output determination for goods receipt with a new condition type
  • Enlarge of the output determination, schemes, sequences and conditions
  • Control program and analysis for comparison of a material document to the output determination
  • Detailed overview of the result in a tree with explorer technology and symbols
SAP ERP Central Component 5.0 - APO
Duration 07/2007 - 08/2007
Sector Aviation, plane engineering
Function Programming, analyst
SAP ModulesPP, APO, QM, MM
PlatformSAP ERP Central Component 5.0
Industry solution Mill products
PP / APO - Quotation
  • Validation of materials and their supply source in the APO
  • Get data from the R/3 system by RFC function and place at the disposal of the APO
  • Optimization of queries in the environment of work centers, routing and production orders
PP / QM / MM - Integration APO, inspection lots at materials with HU
  • Create deliveries in an assembly schedule and post them
  • Analysis, when exit of the APO integration of materials with HU and inspection lot
  • Validation and debugging of the quality inventory stock functions
  • Adjustment of the tables TBE24 and TBE34, which represents a kind of Badi with function logic
  • Trepassing of inspection lots with HU (Handling Units, packaging) into the APO
SAP R/3 4.6c Production planning - capacities
Duration 07/2007 - 08/2007
Sector Automation, power and electronic installation technique
Function Programming
SAP Modules PP, SD
Platform SAP R/3 Release 4.6c
PP - Capacity validation
  • Compare capacity offer and requirements out of sales documents against production
  • Result as a reporting list or ALV with preselection which columns to see
  • Change colour of cells on special events and contents as optical eye catchers
  • Further additional functions like sum up and visibility of the periods
SAP R/3 4.6c Smartforms SAP Script - Label printing
Duration 05/2007 - 07/2007
Sector Mechanical engineering
Function Programming, form design
SAP Modul SD
PlatformSAP R/3 Release 4.6c
SD - Label print on a Zebra thermal printer
  • Transaction and program to start the print inside the sales environment
  • Form design and triggering of a Zebra thermal printer
  • Printing in various styles, font, barcode and graphical elements
  • Programming in ZPLII, programming language of the thermal printer
SAP R/3 Release 4.7 - Migration in material management and purchasing
Duration 07/2006 - 10/2006
sector furniture
Function Programming
SAP Modul SD, MM, PP
Platforms SAP R/3 Release 4.7 and 4.6 c
PP - Saw - Interface
  • Search for productions order, which fit the selection on fields on the screen
  • Parameters fort he selection are reservations, sales order, material and their characteristics
  • MRP controller, production scheduler, basic start date and basic finish date, status conception
  • Display of the results in an ALV grid with additional functions
  • Interpreter to create a sorting string as base for the generation of the sequence number
  • Allocation of sequence numbers, which are written back in the production orders
  • Administration, count up and initialization of number range intervals
PP - Order confirmation
  • Read and write data, which contain confirmations
  • File contains eigher confirmations or sequence numbers for production orders
  • Spreading of yield and scrap quantities over the production orders
  • Check on error and differences, if quantities could be assigned. Protocol
  • Post the confimations by BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT
  • backtracking, reset and cancellation by BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CANCEL
PP - Print of production orders / sequences / packages
  • Customizing print control in the section manufactiong control
  • Call of the function CO_DR_PRINT_ORDER in the program
  • Check program, which shows the way inside the print control customizing
  • Display, which forms / lists will be used by which printing program
PP - form modelling
  • Create forms under SAP Script and SmartForms
  • Create programs as start-up for the forms as stand-alone ...
  • ... or trigged by customizing functions, set parameters in opk8
SD / MM - Schnittstelle / Interface
  • Search inside the change history for changes and deletion
  • Search on the databases for creation of new documents
  • Read sales orders, requisitions and stock transfer orders
MM - Interface migration - Purchase order extracts
  • Search in purchase orders, pruchase positions and account assignments for sales orders
  • Read addresses for business partner roles (like ship-to-party) and texts
  • Check and compare customizing of the business partners and the text function keys
  • Write a download file and store it on the server to get fetched from the interface application
MM - Migration - SAP Script Forms
  • Migration SAPScript Forms from 4.6 (legacy system) to 4.7
  • Migration tool to download and upload requested forms. Reduction on form and language
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c - diamonds - batch management
Duration 01/2006 - 06/2006
Sector resources, raw material
Function Programming, Smart Forms modulater
SAP module SD, MM
Platforms SAP R/3 Release 4.6 c
Industry solution IS-Oil
SD / MM - administration: rough and polish diamonds - batch management
  • Batch management complete in ABAP Objects
  • ABAP object classes for classification, stock management and pricing
  • ABAP object search engine to get the requested diamonds
  • Network of the heredity of the diamonds numbers (batches) as graphic
  • Batch navigator: information like characteristics, attributes, quantities, prices, predecessors, successors, siblings
SD / MM - administration: evaluation by ALV
  • general function group for the ALV display for any evaluation
  • possible jump from all DSP clarity transactions
  • Build of the maximal field catalogue by REUSE_ALV_FIELDCATALOG_MERGE
  • Reduction of the display fields over an imported key, which make an access on a field database
SD / MM - administration: Reconciliation report / history
  • Reporting display of the attributes and classification of the diamonds
  • Listing in which processes the diamonds are located (sort, split, mix, sold)
  • Quantity and price checks of the single steps
  • Add on, group and total sum of the values in comparison to the original (starting diamond batch)
  • Hide-hot-spots into several transactions like the batch navigator
  • Selection of the displayed detail level and formation
SD - processes in sales & distribution - tender, window sales, diamond parcels
  • selection of diamonds for the sales cycle by dynpro and table control
  • the produced diamonds of the mine will be sorted and classificated
  • every sort and split will handled as a batch, this is a diamond parcel
  • depending to the edit mode: enable / disable, display or edit fields for the batch
  • to get the offers from the prospective buyers: print the parcels by SmartForms
  • DDIC: create of domains, data elements, structures, table types and databases
SD - processes in sales & distribution - create order and deliveries
  • Data selection by dynpro and table control
  • Dynpro subscreen, can be enabled or disabled, expand / collapse technology
  • Create a sales order by BAPI_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE
  • Create a delivery by Call Transaction / Batch-Input VL01
  • Change the delivery by VL02, to enter the batches
SD - processes in sales & distribution - load conditions
  • Load an input file, sort the records and check against existing records in SAP
  • Create the (price) conditions in using a function chain, the simple way as VK11 does
  • Create or change with or without history, scales will be considered
SD - processes in sales & distribution - interface to Ekati
  • several downloads to illustrate the history of the diamonds
  • Output as txt-file (text file), xls-file (Excel) or as ALV
  • open programming, one processing for all output structures
  • additional information by reading invoices and material documents
MM - processes in material management - inbound deliveries
  • Generate an inbound delivery to a purchase order. Add batches
  • Book goods receipt. A purchase order position will de delivered 100%
  • In case of differences book an inventory afterwards
  • Enter purchase order in a dynpro, search related material documents
  • Batch management by dynpro table control
  • Load batches alternatively over an invoice or a xls file (excel)
  • MIGO = stock movement by call transaction or BAPI. Difficulty: batches
  • Book inventory by BAPI / functions
MM - processes in material management - stock movements
  • Batch movements from stock to stock, also from plant to plant
  • Consignment stock for vendor and customer
  • Booking of all transactions by BAPI
  • due to the result activate a protocol in the GUI-Status
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c - Mold Management
Duration 11/2005 - 12/2005
Sector Automobile subcontractor
Function ABAP programming, ABAP Objects
SAP module PM
Platforms SAP R/3 Release 4.6 c
PM - Processes in plant maintenance - equipment administration
  • PM Cockpit to install and dismantle molds and presses
  • Relation equipment (mold), technical location (press) and the material (tires)
  • Validation of BOM list components and classification to the task lists / routing
  • Additional data like work centers and production versions of the material
  • Cockpit is programmed as a splitting container (dynpro) with tree and ALV control
  • Pop-up dynpros with table control mechanisms for fine specification
  • Interfacing. Send the data of the install or dismantle over an interface via FTP
  • Status administration External / user status (JEST; TJ30). Customizing, what is allowed
  • Create PP orders and changing in the equipment by batch-Input (IW31, IE02)
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c - Mold Management
Duration 11/2005 - 12/2005
Sector Automobile subcontractor
Function ABAP programming, ABAP Objects
SAP module PM
Platforms SAP R/3 Release 4.6 c
PM - Processes in plant maintenance - equipment administration
  • PM Cockpit to install and dismantle molds and presses
  • Relation equipment (mold), technical location (press) and the material (tires)
  • Validation of BOM list components and classification to the task lists / routing
  • Additional data like work centers and production versions of the material
  • Cockpit is programmed as a splitting container (dynpro) with tree and ALV control
  • Pop-up dynpros with table control mechanisms for fine specification
  • Interfacing. Send the data of the install or dismantle over an interface via FTP
  • Status administration External / user status (JEST; TJ30). Customizing, what is allowed
  • Create PP orders and changing in the equipment by batch-Input (IW31, IE02)
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c - form design
Duration 12/2005
Sector Bank, stock trading, internet broker
Function Smart Forms, designer
SAP module SD
Platform SAP R/3 Release 4.6 c
SD - processes in sales & distribution - invoice
  • Implementation of a new font, adjustment of paragraphes
  • Uniform standardized layout of the different sums
  • Make invisible non used texts in the condition types
  • Text includes in the header and footer section of the MAIN window
SAP R/3 Release 4.7 - form design
Duration 11/2005
Sector Information technology
Function Configuration SAP Script
SAP modules MM, FI
MM - processes in purchase - order
  • SAP Script, Adjustment of the order form, logo SE78, texts SO10
  • Customizing, section message, output program and texts
FI-AA - processes in finance - assets
  • Create of asset master record segments made available by an interface (AS91)
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c - ABAP programming in production and the logistic
Duration 04/2004 - 11/2005
Sector mechanical engineering
Responsibility conception, development, ABAP programming, ABAP objects
SAP modules CO, MM, PM, PP, PS, SD
Platforms SAP R/3 Release 4.6c under AIXand Linux; work station Windows NT
Developing SAP Tools, ABAP Editor, Transactions: SE11, SE16, SE80, SM36, ...
PP - processes in production planning - BOM
  • Dissolution BOM by SAP function CS_BOM_EXPL*, as well as configuration
  • Processing of multiple level results by recursive programming technics and logics
  • logics for search algorithms going top = ask material is a BOM component
  • or going down = ask material is a construction group / construction serie
  • cross entry over change numbers or other objects relating to BOM lists
  • Processing of results, fill up document info records
  • Build and adding of object relations and dependencies
  • display of the BOM lists by ALV OO (object orientated programming)
  • display state of the plan / BOM list in a matrix inside ALV by graphical objects
  • display of object links of task lists and networks by table control and tabstrips in dynpros
  • Connect BOM list positions to the plans and networks (some more as CN02 can do)
  • Calculation automatically over several plans, construction groups, construction series and components
PP - processes in production planning - BOM lists - construction
  • Charge of a construction. Read data from a intermediate layer by Exec SQL
  • fill up an internal structural network and checking to SAP tables
  • recursive solution of BOM lists down to 12 levels
  • Show positions of the charge by dynpro, table control and graphical elements
  • Show BOM lists by node technics inside a tree control screen, material in ALV
  • Automatic set up of MARC master data by given data tables
  • Material overview. Subsequent treatment of material in their plants for several fields
  • Forward checks to avoid error the processing the function and BAPI
  • Quantity units. Possibility to enter the relation of non maintained units of measure
  • Set up of BOM lists by CSAP_MAT_BOM_MAINTAIN
  • Plant selection for plants active in this process by dynpro Pop-Up with push button
  • Batch input to create the BOM list for several plants by transaction CS07
  • Write state back to the external data base (Oracle)
  • Support and assistance of the construction engineers
PP - processes in production planning - Bom list generator
  • BOM lists with variants. Display by transaktion CS05
  • Read order (change master). Read these data from a intermediate level by Exec SQL
  • fill an internal structural net and add and complete by SAP databases
  • Determinate differences in dummy or montage or sublevel BOM lists
  • make visible which new piece substitute an existing one, indicator: construction relevant for engeneering, add spilt quantities
  • Display result with tree control method and Excel DOI (Desktop Office Integration)
  • Dynpro table control in pop-ups when do quantity division or BOM list splitting
  • BOM list update in direct communication with function group CSBT. Duty of history.
  • BOM lists can be changed when change of structure of the machine (copy and create new material of this plant, copy BOM list, first variante by CSAP_MAT_BOM_CREATE, further variants by function chain of the CS05)
  • Change of sublevel BOM lists. Heredity in components in higher strucutres
  • Change master: Due to the kind of process use different change numbers
PP - processes in production - Document info record
  • read the classification and characteristic of the material allocated to the document
  • Join classification characteristics together, singlestage (radiobutton) and multistage (checkbox)
  • own created search assistance to reduce the selection
  • Print by Smartforms
PP - processes in production planning - BOM lists - network
  • Programs and a complete function group for the allocation of bill of material to operations PLMZ
  • the net or the construction group as base, search for the construction and positions
  • Disintegration of all construction groups, dummies and BOM lists
  • Stop in the path of a multi level resolution when detecting a subdivided net
  • Display by Tree-Control tecnics like a Windows Explorer and ALV OO (object-orientated version)
  • Mass allocation for the material positions to the operations, some more as in CN02
  • Allocation selection by dynpro screens, pop-ups and marks in the tree control display
PM / PP - processes in production planning - task lists
  • Build up plans and tasks, adding of activities types, order completion confirmations
  • Correction of task lists. Read in by data file or parameters and select options
  • Add a file for change of special fields in txt or Excel format
  • Change working place, activity and planer group and some more
  • Copy of the task list by Call Transaction.
  • Creating new tasks by BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE
  • Set the original task list inactive
PM - processes in plant maintenance - order completion confirmations
  • Bonus wages. Calculation of worj rendered
  • read the order confirmation and accumulate
  • Assignment of work centers to cost centers
  • Status conzept (internal status). Output in a file
SD - processes in sales & distribution - collective shipment
  • Selection of deliveries (selection of same consignees, mode of shipment, Inco term, carrier), which are not yet packed or arranged to a shipment Analysis
  • Display result by dynpro - table control and select by marking a line
  • Collective shipment. Build up a shipment or append to an already existing collection.
  • Data coverage by dynpro - tab strip. Strip concerning to mode of shipment. Flight datas
  • F4 search request on self creating files for airports according to IATA and airlines
  • Summary-list of all colli and packmedia (handling units) contained in shipment
  • Text-input for special handling or other instructions by Text Edit Control
  • Support and assistance and guidance of the shipping department users
SD - processes in sales & distribution - shipping - manifesto for transporters
  • Select deliveries, which leave the company, but haven't got a transportation summary number
  • Join handlings units of all involved packing material
  • Conclusion for every forwarding agent. Additional data by a separate master data table
  • Generate the manifesto number and update all involved SAP tables
  • If mode of transmission is Email send the results as appendix to the agent
  • Join to the emails the written text by reading the text function SO10
  • Send email immediately and automatically, several receiver (email addresses) are possible
  • Support and assistance and guidance of the shipping department users
SD - processes in sales & distribution - shipping - statistics
  • Handling units - checking relationship gross weight, net weight and volume weight
  • Delivery preview - which deliveries have which delivery date - what is to expect
  • Audit - to which deliveries no invoice is written yet
  • air freight - how many transports has went out by how mnay flights and airlines
SD - processes in sales & distribution - foreign trade - preference
  • Conception and suggestion for determination of a text for preference declared goods
  • comparison, confrontation of relations between material, tariff numbers, departure and destination country, preference zone and preference indicator
  • presentation of possible master data tables, where the text for SO10 access can be append
  • Download and upload of textes for preference as ASCII-fie for fast data coverage
SD - processes in sales & distribution - Export - interface - Intrastat
  • Migration of the VPSS Intrastat program BJH_LI10.CBL to SAP
  • error check (also transitive dependencies) of the position, display in ALV
  • Protocol over all errors all positions
  • without errors, condensation of the datas
  • Intrastat, third country trade and KOBRA. Output as data file ready for sending to customs authorities and the Statistical Federal Department
SD - processes in sales & distribution - Export - customs offices
  • Definition in Data Dictionary of a permanent table for customs offices at the border
  • Fill up the file. Parameters: countries, way of transport, routes like data join
  • Setting of the standard custom office, if known (Germany: Post =9901, Frankfurt airport =3330)
SD - processes in sales & distribution - order handling
  • Based on an order / delivery / invoice exploit the conditions and partner relationships
  • Collect all getting data in an internal table for further use
  • Supply an external internal interface with the invoice datas
SD - processes in sales & distribution - order handling
  • Dissolute to a sales order the position of the machine and make available the data
  • Dissolute BOM list and their variants
  • Include the serial number, BOM explosion
  • WebTk - connection for the tables of the BOM dissolution
  • single and collected dissolution, screen or dark processing by file, simulation or real running
  • Result place on records with all input parameters
CO - processes in controlling - calculation
  • Order BOM cost estimate of sales orders. Reading input data from file
  • Call CK51N transaction and create the BOM cost calculation
  • Return data added by an info flag as well as an error record
  • Check customizing to prepare screen of the Batch-Input
CO - processes in controlling - analyze
  • Adjustments of the display during compare material cost estimates
  • Extend ALV by fields of the material master and join their data
PP / PM / MM / SD - migration from R/2 5.0j to R/3 4.6c
  • transaction DMIG to determine the instructions for changing
  • Mini program as detection tool for migration instruction - TUMRE
  • Transfer from R/2 programs to R/3 with contents in routing, production, working plans, networks, in purchasing and costs controlling and the shipment
  • Input and output of data by FTP transfer or WS-Download (standard Include BJH Software)
  • Batch Input maps or call transaction to include generated data into SAP master data tables
BC - processes of the base - programming support, project management
  • Check programs by parameters and subdivide found programs
  • Set status for each subdivision to show project processing
  • recursive solution of included program parts and functions
  • Search and detection of key word in programs (related to projects)
  • recursive solution of tables and structures
BC - processes of the base / export / material management - master data
  • Master data maintenance. Following transaction SM30
  • Dynpros with Table Control Logic allows virtual changing, new input and deleting of master data records of one or more master data tables
  • Pop-Up Dynpro for safety requests
  • virtual working. Saving of data only on demand or when leaving the program
BC - processes of the base - control of interface actions
  • Visualization of the record in a protocol of a data interface between several systems
  • Entrance mask by Select Options, 1. result screen by ALV (ABAP List Viewer)
  • Detail screen by Pop-Up realized by hotspot logic
  • Further information by Dynpro with Table Control techniques, Tab Strips or register cards and subscreens, which will be load variable on demand
  • Data Dictionary: tables, fields domains, search screens, ...
Internet - Web Design and programming
Duration since 12/1999
sector software, tourism and hotel business
  • support and maintenance of internet presentations
  • several languages versions
  • Javascript. Calculation in pricing
platforms Windows 98 and 2000
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c - quotation form
Duration 02/2005 - 06/2005
sector Textiles and clothes
function Smart Forms, ABAP programming
SAP modules SD
Platforms SAP R/3 Release 4.6c on AS400
Developing ABAP Editor, transactions: SE11, SE78, SE80, smartforms, SCOT
SD - processes in sales & distribution - quotation form
  • function group for the data supply of the form
  • load the picture to the text and calculate the optimal resolution (dpi)
  • print the quotation by Smart Forms (paper, fax)
  • printing in sequence solved by structures and internal tables - continuous text
  • test and check program for a quotation, the quotations number is key
  • or over an excel table with material number to simulate a quotation
BC - general functions - development and installation
  • function group for the data transfer (FTP / AL11 / PC)
  • load / join texts out of files from the server
  • import of bmp file pictures into the SAP data base (stxbitmaps)
COBOL - dangerous goods in airfreight business
Duration 04/2004 - 09/2004
sector medical equipment
  • Definition and implementation of files for handling with dangerous goods when airfreight
  • identify article as dangerous goods, classify UN or ID no. and packing group, determine proper technical shipping name, class or division, subsidiary risk and the packing instruction
  • show the needed dangerous goods labels (toxic, flammable, corrosive, ...)
  • printing of the labels at the packing place
  • check maximum transport amount against the stored amount and determine or exclude type of aircraft (permissible passenger or only cargo aircraft). In case of prohibition or exceed the limit set mode of shipment airfreight inactive
  • printing shipper's declaration for dangerous goods
  • regulation based on the international airfreight regulations handling book
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c - ABAP programming for purchase applications
Duration 08/2003 - 04/2004
Sector mechanical engineering
Responsibility ABAP programming, convention management
SAP modules MM
Platforms SAP R/3 Release 4.6c under AIXand Linux; work station Windows NT
Developing SAP Tools, ABAP Editor, Transactions: SE11, SE16, SE80, SM36, ...
MM - processes in material management - material master data (MMDDC)
  • Material master data dectection and clearance while migrate from the productive platform
  • Adaption and adjustment of material data for a calculation run after migration
  • Check routines to detect errors in validation of the migration
  • Check data relations by foreign key declaration, or over value range of the domains
  • Option: fields to check by input file or all inside the programs pre-declarated
  • hold data with error and make available for further processing as output file
  • additionally generate a proposal value how to transform the actually value of this field
  • Determination of the needed view inside the BAPI based on the fields in the transform data file
  • Transform data by self developped function group and calling a BAPI
  • Show results on screen or save as file on PC / Unix / FTP (parameter)
  • file transfer by self developped function
  • Statistics over the processing. Consideration of the error types (warning, hardcore error, ...)
  • Recursive program logic, to reduce the errors from run to run
MM - processes in material management - Outsourcing of companies parts
  • Read out all meterials of the oursourced plant (or plants)
  • Datatype transforming and save the master data on files (FTP or Ws-Download method)
  • Sphere of work contains SAP-tables MAKT, MARA, MARC, MARD, MARM, MBEW, MLAN, MLGN, MLGT, MVKE and long texts. Speed optimized with internal HASH tables and direct accesses
  • Convert routine to load and build up the material on customers site by self writing function group and the BAPI BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA
  • during build up possible transforming of the values of the datas over a file, where the transformed values and parameters are saved (own definition)
  • Logic of the transforming is variable and universal programmed. Also use as single application
  • Definition and transforming of input data over LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench)
  • Book out the stock by MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT as well as cancelation Storno
MM - processes in material management - bulk material, electronic KANBAN
  • inventory comparisons (notifiable stock level, free available, frozen stock, ...)
  • Printing by Smart Forms (paper, fax)
  • parameter verification in master files and transaction data. Error list
MM - processes in material management - price controlling - strategic purchase
  • Migration of programs from R/2, merge of programs plus some new in the same subject matter
  • Pass through over purchase orders, contracts and info records to detect the percentage degree of price differences.
  • Controlling and verification against info records, frame order contracts, quota arrangements, etc.
  • several programs with similar functions
  • Lists as Reporting, as ALV (ABAP List Viewer) or worked by Dynpro
  • Further information by hotspot like the exit to the purchase order
  • Push button as exit to MS Excel
  • price check utility tool in price finding. Calculation scheme
  • Function module in comparison to master data and Price calculation schema
MM - processes in material management - frame orders, contracts
  • interface programming (alternatively version for PC / UNIX)
  • Data of the transfer provide in a Batch-Input-Folder (new file at new supplier)
  • alternative: build up frame order by the Bapi subroutine BAPI_PO_CREATE1
  • both systems: in online mode message of processing, point out with graphics
  • Field type check. Useful while comparison BAPI-components with Data Dictionary fields.
MM - processes in material management - purchase reminder
  • Original program is migrated from the SAP R/2 system
  • several select options, additional information (like data changing)
  • Display variant as ALV Grid list with hotspot jump off
  • Variant as Dynpro - Container with Tree Control (tree structure with nodes) and ALV
  • Printing or screen with select options
  • Printing as Reporting or via SmartForms (paper, fax, email)
  • range of coverage (showing by traffic light). Inconsistency checking
  • Hide-structures for additional information
  • Tuning by Data Dictionary in creating views, tables and structures
  • Customizing partner relationships of the suppliers and order scheme
  • Statistics (when desired): Table accesses: total, done, errors
COBOL - KOBRA procedure (foreign trade)
Duration 07/2003
sector Federal administrative body, customs
project interface of deliveries outside the European Community
platforms IBM RS/6000, AIX, View-Now Emulation
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c - division in delivery
Duration 05/2003 - 06/2003
sector hydration technology
function Customizing, ABAP programming
platforms SAP R/3 Release 4.6c, Windows 2000
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c - Customizing and ABAP programming
Duration 03/2003 - 05/2003
sector Sensoric, factory automation
Function Customizing, ABAP programming
SAP modules MM
Platforms SAP R/3 Release 4.6c
Developing SAP Tools, ABAP Editor, Transaktionen: SPRO, SE11, SE16, SE80, ...
MM - processes in material management - enterprise structure
  • Customizing chart of accounts, company code and client and general datas in MM
  • definition of purchasing organizations and groups
  • vendor structure. Vendor account groups as build up in standard
  • Organization of plants and their addresses as well as storage locations
MM - processes in material management - account determination
  • Customizing material types and their views (user departments)
  • Customizing valuation classes T025
  • Realization of the account determination for material master data
  • ABAP program to generate the account assignments (credit / debit)
MM - processes in material management - purchase
  • System adapted next to standard customizing in the section "purchase requisition and order"
  • New text types for purchase order header and position
  • Price calculation scheme (discounts, scales)
  • Automatic generation of the conditions inside record for the most important vendor
COBOL - interface UPS based on GEF guidelines
Duration 03/2002 - 04/2002
sector mechanical engineering, transport
Internet - FSO Programming
Duration 01/2002 - 03/2002
Internet - FSO data base accesses - Statistic over homepage site accesses
  • selections screen
  • result in matrix pages / languages / total
  • error in accesses and copy protection control
  • enter path analysis, search strings and come in by which search engine
  • Filter, which files types have to be considered in the evaluation
  • Filter. Search engines and IP addresses can be switched off for the verification
Internet - FSO data base accesses - ABAP / HTML converter
  • ABAP Sources designed in colours and saved as HTML
COBOL - interface ABX (NCS norm) and DPD
Duration 11/2001 - 12/2001
sector independent of business or trade sectors, transport
project interface by the newest, standardized norm of the forwarding association
function conception, programming, going live
platforms IBM RS/6000, AIX, FTP-data transfer
developing Micro Focus Compiler, Ined Editor
SAP / COBOL - EURO adjustment. Different solutions
Duration 06/2000 - 12/2001 (several projects)
sector automobile, mechanical engineering, consumption, building subcontractor
project Depending to the client calculation in one up to 3 currencies (DM, EURO, foreign currency like US$ or japonese Yen). All formulas of price calculation up to an extension of the existing interfaces between the systems.
function programming on demand, database modulation
platforms UNIX (e.g. IBM: AIX, RM/500: SINIX), Windows (95,98,NT,2000), AS/400
developing Merant (ex Microfocus), different editors (ABAP-Editor, Ined, VI, DOS, Word Pad)
Management consultancy
Duration 11/2000 - 07/2001
sector telecommunication
project organisation of the enterprise in the section sales, canvassing, promoting and delivery. Consultation in the section IT solutions and systems for the service at work.
SAP R/3 Release 4.6c - Statistics in shipping
Duration 08/2000 - 09/2000
sector replacement part shipping department
project List writing for evaluations in the shipping of goods. Statistics over ways of dispatches, transports, deliveries and type of invoice (charged invoice, gratis, repair, ...)
function ABAP programming, Customizing check (only viewing authorization)
COBOL - profit- / loss calculation in stocks market
Duration 08/1999 - 03/2000
sector finance, banking
project Calculation, if a share account value is in a plus or minus range, under consideration of banking charges, splits, dividend. Yield inquiry. Finding out the fair value of a warrant. History.
function analysis, conception, programming, test
platforms RS/6000 (AIX), Windows 98
developing Micro Focus Compiler, Merant
preparation Study in different resources about the financial business and how works trading at the stock exchange, transaction in security papers and the basics of the calculation of warrants
SAP R/3 - project consultancy
Duration 08/1999 - 01/2000
sector shipbuilding
  • consultancy in SD module
  • Modulation of the business processes
  • Definition of an interface to an external system
platforms SAP R/3 Release, Windows NT
COBOL - Y2K Year 2000 problematic nature
Duration 05/1999 - 01/2000
industrial trade automobile, mechanical engineering, consumption, building trade
COBOL - administration system for a photo registration
Duration 05/1998 - 09/1998
sector Media, consumption
DB2 database - Archive and out-cutting
Duration 04/1998 - 07/1998
sector mechanical engineering
project move for non-used datas (articles reached receiver) in a separate database. In the main system cross reference to these out-cutted data line to reconstruate in case of finding them during an examination of the internal revenue office.
function conception, Programming
platforms UNIX (AIX DB2, IBM RS/6000), Windows environment 2000/NT
DB2 database - migration
Duration 08/1995 - 03/1998
sector mechanical engineering
  • Analysis of status quo and Target conception
  • Conception and Design of tables and fields in a database
  • database generation program (migration of the actual structure)
  • Programming in the corresponding program with bridge technology of 2-ways-access
  • Programming accesses and requests under Embedded SQL
  • Going live, Roll-Out. Support and trainee of the users
  • Protocol for detecting errors to get a more secure and more performant application
platforms UNIX (AIX DB2, IBM RS/6000), Windows environment 2000/NT
SAP R/2 - project: preparation for going live
Duration 12/1996 - 04/1997
sector mechanical engineering
  • Customizing in SD, insignificant MM
  • Adaptation in ABAP
  • Interface programming
  • Join together of a list of fields and in which SAP table
  • accompany in going live
platforms SAP R/2 Release
COBOL - automatic processes and guidance in the pack department
Duration 02/1996 - 01/1997
sector electronic, mechanical engineering
Function Software engineer, application management
project automatical forwarding process guided by barcodes and papers in the packing department, to minimize errors. Various control possibilities, like checking net weight to gross weight, based on table defined relations. Loading control. Information and comments to other departments to accelerate the processing. Statistics of consumption.
management consultancy
Period 06/1995 - 08/1995
sector textiles (Salvador da Bahia, Brazil)
Oracle database - programming of the application
Duration 05/1994 - 11/1994
sector mechanical engineering
  • conception and Design
  • Program of switching where to get the data
  • Programming accesses and requests under Embedded SQL
  • Roll-out. Consultation of the IT department of the concerned company
platforms UNIX (SINIX, Siemens RM500)
COBOL - aviation calculation
Duration 01/1994 - 04/1994
sector mechanical engineering, automobile
project Calculation of the cargo or freight. Different parameter (like zip code or gross weight) are the basis of the calculation to get the price for the cargo. Inclusive variable and extra charges, based to a package or the whole consignment. Modular constructed to call or serve in subroutines, forms, fields or guiding programs.
function Analysis, conception, programming, embedding in existing programs
platforms UNIX (IBM: AIX, RM/500: SINIX), Windows (95,98,NT,2000), AS/400
developing Merant (ex Microfocus), different editors (Ined, VI, DOS, Word Pad)
preparation Study of the logic and calculation in the aviation at LH Cargo service point
COBOL - Interpreter language for individual guidance
Duration 10/1991 - 07/1993
sector electronic
project Global aim was the reduction and maintenance in logistic processes in the programming. Systems shall be build by own generated structures and order words to start different actions without adapting the interpreting program. Using parameters for navigation. To describe the process has to be resolved only be customizing.
  • Target conception, definition of action words and parameters
  • Programming of the guidance logic
  • Mechanisms to entry from calling programs
  • open design for plug-ins
  • Transfer programs for different hardware platforms and machines
  • Roll out at the Beta-client (in Portugal)
  • Standardization of the interpretation program of multiply using
platforms SINIX, Windows 98
afterwards: UNIX, AIX, Windows NT, 2000, AS/400
COBOL - Intrastat, extra-trade, costums procedure
Duration 03/1993 - 06/1993
sector Federal administrative body, statistics
project Programming of an interface to send information about merchandise movements inside the EC (European Community) as well as to foreign countries to the Statistical Federal Department in Wiesbaden. Also GIC-evaluation and SAG method.
Assembler - scale process management (Bizerba)
Duration 02/1992 - 03/1992
industry sector electronic, mechanical engineering
Assembler - riding steam train, train combination
Duration 01/1990 - 03/1990
sector own initiative (education)
project Assembler. Screen control, animation of a smoking, moving steam train. 4-color coating layout. Train composition of locomotives and waggons. Remnants of the steam train you can see in the main menu.
Assembler - identification of a paragraph in a text by clicking
Duration 10/1989 - 12/1989
sector media, press

Most projects were mainly in the section of industrial processes; business managemant, finance, stock exchange, tax ot taxation, controlling, statistics, organization or planning hadn't been focal point in my work, but certainly they are not unknown to me, determined by personal interests or even the independence in profession.