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If you think, that you have an interesting link to a railway gallery, an interesting presentation or anything else round the theme railway or rail traffic inside the internet, we like you to give us some datas about it, subscribe it, that we can show it on our sites. All URLs are welcome, which handle documentation and information about railways, it doesn't matter if it is a railway company, passenger or freight, nostalgia or clubes, which offer steams train tours, if you are a webmaster, who like to show your own photos and pages, magazines or publishers or even the great circle of model railway fans. Also section like ships and busses or traffic companies won't be excluded.

All photo galleries of BJH Software are prepared to be presented in 8 languages. They shall facilitate the information exchange over frontiers and continents. These show also the access hits, even German as mother tongue has in some galeries less than 25% of the total accesses. Webmaster, who have prepared their site also multilingual and international, we offer to give the different entrance paths to the different versions. But, it isn't a must. And ... by the way, don't be frightened about other languages, also our translation is not done by profies as you may have noticed.

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